Curtains and Going Crazy

Loveys, I went crazy buying curtains today.

Oh dear.


They were a great deal, and I found myself feeling very similar to how I feel at 5 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving. Out for blood. Um, very determined. I am looking at the MANY curtains now sitting on my dining room table, and wondering which room I will now decorate with green stuff to match all the green drapes we have. Hmm. Interesting. You don't think about such things when you're slugging them over your shoulder, and the man next to you is glaring at you and saying, "Did you take all of those?" And if you were on the fence about buying them . . . you're now firmly over the fence and no one is taking those babies from you.

Red, green, brown, cream--well, I have a lot of colors to choose from when I decorate the new house. I will have to think about that later. For now, I am wondering where to store them so that Georgia the cat doesn't make them her new sleeping central.

I'm tired. Buying excessive quantities of curtains makes you tired because these drapes are heavy. I mean, really heavy. And I was lugging them over my shoulders like you wouldn't believe. And now I have them. Sigh. And I'm just sitting here telling myself that in a few years, I might want to change our bedroom color to green. Just sayin'. I've got the drapes and everything.

I went a little nuts. In fact, I forgot my checkbook there at the counter! When I realized this later, I rushed back, panicked. It was still there. And I literally found more curtains I wanted to buy. Not kidding even a little bit. I had to use stern language with myself to get out of there curtain-free.

I'm telling you, they're cute. I promise to take pictures of these beauties hanging in my new house (since I am determined to find places for all of them).

But for now, I'm resting. The kids are upstairs resting and I know that if I close my eyes, I'll be out like a light and the kids will promptly wake up. So I'm just putting my feet up and talking to you. And when the kids get up, we've got errands to run.

It's Friday, loveys. I love Fridays. The weekend is just a few deep breaths away. Family time, home time, fun time. I've got chicken covered in BBQ sauce cooking in the crockpot, and the whole house smells amazing. I'm going to whip up some potato salad and baked beans later for dinner. And from where I'm sitting, I can see gorgeous blue sky and cotton-white clouds through the window.

(And if I look behind me, I see a mountain of curtains that give me a twinge of anxiety.)

So it's Father's Day weekend. What have you got planned? I have a few small surprises up my sleeve, but I better not mention them in case the Jeffster reads this post. And now... both kids are up. Shortest rest time ever. Good thing I didn't let myself sleep. Better load 'em up and head on out to get things done. Oh goodness. My inner Texan is coming through today.

She likes to shop.

She likes curtains.

She likes barbeque.

She likes warm days and cold Dr. Pepper.

You know what they say. You can take the girl out of Texas . . .  :)

Have a great weekend, loveys. #100 days of beautiful summer


  1. I LOVE this! I can totally relate to that 5 AM Black Friday morning feeling. I get this almost panicky adrenaline rush and it happens when we pull up at yard and kids sales too! You'll find a place for all those curtains, especially with a new house to decorate.

  2. Haha, oh my goodness, your curtain escapade is so funny! Hope you find the perfect spots for all your new curtains! That's pretty exciting! (and if you can't, since you got a good deal on them, maybe you can always sell them and make back or profit from your impulse curtain buying) :)


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