There's something about warm sunny days that makes you feel like anything is possible. Summer is finally in full swing here in Colorado and I'm soaking it up. We took the kids to the pool this weekend--a sure sign summer has arrived. And we're getting air conditioning in our rental house today, which will be a lifesaver for this Texas girl.

Last night for story time, Ash picked The Night before Kindergarten. I felt sort of emotional when I saw it. How has kindergarten flown by? This is Ash's last week and it feels like yesterday we were reading that book the night before she actually started kindergarten. Now it's over. Wow.

All those times when your parents tell you that time flies . . . it's true. Kindergarten is just days away from being over, and I'm excited in some ways--the thrill of summer is something we all feel--but sad in other ways. We'll never get kindergarten back with Ashtyn. As she's been singing for days (practicing for her class song): "Start spreading the news. We're leaving today. We want to be a part of it--first grade! first grade!"

I'm so, so proud of my precious little girl. She's had a great kindergarten year, and I hope summer is wonderful for her. My cup spills over with love for her.

I can see the bright blue sky from the window as I type this and seeing it makes me smile. Summer feels full of promise, doesn't it? Hot dogs and ice cream cones and watermelon.

Moments to breathe in deeply.

Bare feet on the warm sidewalk. Green everywhere. Purple flowers.

It's summertime. What do you need this summer? Relief from stress? Vacation? Time to reconnect with family or friends? Promise-filled prayers? Gardening, watching things grow?

It's time to catch all those dreams and make them realities.

Because the years go by fast but the days can be slow--savor them.

Remember when we were younger and summer meant freedom? Excitement? Time to play with friends, summer reading during long car rides to visit Grandma, crushes at camp . . . Summer still means excitement. For us and for our children. Those dreams and wishes in your heart, it's time to make them happen.

It's going to be a long, hot summer, loveys. Let's make it one to remember. :)

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