Start Spreading the News . . .

I am living with a first grader, loveys. How did this happen?

Today was Ashtyn's last day of kindergarten and I'm over here, beside myself, feeling like she'll be in college before I know it, and walking down the aisle, and I'll be a grandmother, and the truth is that I'm already dealing with gray hairs, and . . . and . . .

I know. You sound like Jeff. I'll take a breath and calm down.

But seriously, these past ten months went by so fast. I think it's just a glimpse of how the rest of our school years will go.

Well, I picked up Ash after school today (btw, it was pajama day. I don't normally send her to school in pj's!), then we promptly went to Baskin Robbins for celebratory ice cream. It's been an emotional week for me. These milestones are bittersweet. Take a look at the adorable card Ash wrote for her teacher. The artwork is, obviously, fantastic and I love it. The ironic thing is that her teacher is not that tall. Pish posh, though.

Her teacher wrote all the parents this sweet letter, and I basically wept when I read it.

I'm blessed. Ash had an amazing teacher this year and set the bar pretty high for teachers to come. But we'll start praying for a good first grade experience too.

I've been looking over my calendar and the next couple of weeks look crazy to me. The good thing is that, so far, July looks survivable, with a good amount of blank space. I need a little blank space, to be honest. The move will most likely be happening in August now, so that means August will be somewhat stressful with moving, settling in right as school starts, then celebrating both kids' birthdays as we transition to a new place and a new class and such.

I read all those things above, and I feel . . . happy. :) August brings change and fresh starts and celebrating my kids, and all those things sound good to me. Yes, there will be some stress. Packing back up, unpacking in the new place as we get Ashtyn into first grade. Work projects. Writing projects.

It's okay.

Life is a mixture of blank space and filled space. I'm okay with both.

Life is a mixture of bittersweet moments--beautiful and heart-tugging--like I felt today.

It's that way for all of us. You might be feeling some of those bittersweet moments right now too. Babies, graduations, struggles, blessings, marriage, work--life is filled with so much.

Some days we need a little blank space. And that's good to recognize. Pencil it in.

But these days are gifts. The busy ones. The quiet ones. Beautiful gifts.

I'm so thankful.

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