Good for the Soul . . . Autumn Musings

Loveys, it's been a fallish, chicken-and-dumplings kind of weekend at the Bruce home. I'm thinking about the fact that tomorrow is Monday and I have so much to do this week. It's a very busy week for me. And now I'm looking down at the belly as I type this--also thinking that Honey Bear and I are tired and need to go to sleep as soon as I finish this blog post.

It's been a full weekend, with wonderful, good-for-the-soul moments in abundance, along with a few horrible moments (getting cussed out by two women in a parking lot over a parking spot and feeling so livid that I was ready to fight, pregnant or not. Only by God's grace did I bite my tongue and leave.). I suppose we take the bad with the good. Anyway, beyond that wretched experience, we also had lots of family time this weekend (something about taking my kids to buy pumpkins and seeing their excitement over Halloween costumes just delights me!). And fall just sort of feels romantic to me, I suppose. Cool breezes and beautiful scenery and holding hands with Jeff--all excellent things.

Another excellent thing is beautiful, transparent conversation with wonderful friends. My friend Tammy came into town Saturday night, and she and I and our friend Nancy stayed up late at my house, talking and catching up. Tangible moments of laughter and honesty and friendship. As Tammy said, it's good for the soul. I think I needed that more than I realized. It filled me up.

Here, right at bedtime, doesn't it just seem sometimes as though our minds are racing? Too many thoughts to even keep up. Everything we have to do. Life is made up of so many things. But I look back over the last couple of days, trying to remember what took up all of our time--and I stop and smile. The kids squealing with happiness as they picked out their pumpkins, their tiny hands and gorgeous faces filled with joy. Hearing Jeff tell me he thinks I'm beautiful (despite the fact that I'm growing by the hour) and feeling thankful that he can stay calm when I'm so upset I'm practically having an out-of-body experience. Hearing Tammy and Nancy laugh while we sit together and talk about anything and everything and appreciating the freedom of people who will take you just as you are. Red leaves everywhere. Chicken and dumplings on the stove.

Good for the soul. We take happiness and blessings as we find them, lovey. And we let the rest go.

And sometimes we seek out what we need. Deep breaths. Date night. Hugs and kisses from our kids. Friends. Pumpkin bread and coffee.


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