Gummi Bears and October Breezes

So I went to the OBGYN office this week. I feel strongly that they do not need to do a weigh-in every time! Seriously. Ridiculous. So we heard the baby's heartbeat and all was well and I was feeling good about everything . . . until the end. That weigh-in came back to haunt me when, right as I'm about to leave, the nurse tells me, "You know the baby's only the size of a gummi bear!"


I hadn't thought of that really. And now I'm feeling not very positive about this weight gain they remind me of every time I walk through the door, since I realize that someone's hungry and eating a lot and it's not my little gummi bear.

I suppose I will worry about that another time. (Probably around April as a matter of fact.) Since we're entering the season of fun-size Snickers, then pecan pie, and then Christmas cookies, I should probably stop thinking about it. Which would be easier if those nurses didn't insist on weighing me every fifteen minutes.

Anyway, so it's officially October! How exciting! We've had rainy weather and cool breezes and Colorado Springs looks like a painting every day when I drive to work. Yellow trees everywhere. I'm trying to soak it in since fall lasts about ten minutes. One good gust of wind and all those leaves drop like flies. Hopefully we'll drive up to the mountains soon to see all the gorgeousness before winter takes over.

I've been thinking today about being joyful. Are you the kind of person who infuses joy into others when you're around them? I know I don't do this all the time but I hope I do sometimes. And I know some people are better at this than others. I've heard a lot of sad stories lately. Families who've gone through so much. And it's reminded me of the importance of choosing joy whenever I can, and being grateful. I heard this woman's testimony recently--she lost her husband when she was 31 years old and she had a six year old and a 3 year old. It was a devastating story for me to hear. But she still had so much joy! It was amazing to see how her faith gave her so much strength. When I got home, I literally put my arms around Jeff and didn't want to let go for a really long time. Love and marriage don't always come easy. After being married more than 12 years, I know this. But to me, Jeff is a gift. We don't have a perfect marriage. But we love each other and still work to make each other happy. When I went in for a heart tone check at the OBGYN this week (just a quick visit to hear the baby's heartbeat), I told Jeff he didn't need to come. Linc and I would run over.

Then Jeff walks in the waiting room. I wasn't even surprised. He's that kind. Like I said, he's my gift.

I mentioned before that the Jeffster's been having major issues with a pinched nerve in his back. It's been really rough for him. It can be rough on all of us. Pain brings stress. He starts physical therapy soon and we're so hoping that will help. Things like pain or illness or change can throw off the family dynamic. But . . . they're also opportunities to take care of each other and show love to each other.

Fall is here, loveys. It's time to host an October brunch, set a pumpkin on your doorstep, light a cinnamon candle. Now that we're finally settled into our house, I feel like it's time to get social. With Jeff's back issues and my pregnancy, we're not quite feeling 100 percent. That's okay. The people who care about you take you just as you are. I'm hoping to have coffee with some girlfriends tomorrow. They don't care if I'm currently providing my gummi bear with more room than he or she probably needs at the moment. :) They don't care if the house is perfectly clean. They don't care if my bangs were cut too short.

Fall is a delicious time of year. Let's choose joy whatever the season.


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  1. sweet. :) and it's funny because I've been craving gummy bears like crazy during this pregnancy!

    hope you enjoy your fall - and all the time you get to share with Jeff this season :) Hope he feels better soon!!


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