Recipe for Love . . . and Friendship

Loveys, I was super excited to receive my box of books today for the final book in my series, Recipe for Love. Whohoo! I flipped through the book, reading over the Acknowledgments and feeling kind of emotional, to be honest. I loved writing this story and I'm going to miss these characters. It releases next month and I so hope you'll hop on Amazon and grab a copy then. You can go here for the book link. The book setting takes place during autumn and winter in the mountains, so it's a good book to read for fall.

I've so enjoyed incorporating food into these love stories. Food brings people together. When Jeff and I were dating, I remember going out to eat together a million times. There's something about sitting at a table for two, getting to know each other over dinner. And now, dinner alone together is pretty rare, but when we do get a night out together, there's still something special about quiet conversations over a meal. I think of special times that stand out in my mind--our first lunch date at Tejas in Conroe. Breakfast together at a hotel on Waikiki beach while on our honeymoon. Our first Christmas alone, a candlelight dinner on Christmas Eve. Conversation, fellowship, delicious food--it's a recipe for love alright.

And friendship, come to think of it.

And family.

Some friends of mine came over the other day for an October brunch. We sat around my table, talking about husbands and children and life over breakfast. And I appreciated every minute because friendship and food just sort of go together. And because with busy schedules and kids and so much to do every day--a few minutes of conversation and laughter over an egg casserole can be a blessing.

So host an October brunch, lovey. Or maybe an October dinner party. Invite a few friends over and make some coffee. It's a recipe for friendship.

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