How's Your November?

Loveys, how are you today? Let's talk Pink News.

We're having a GIRL!

Exciting news (for everyone except Lincoln. Poor thing was desperately hoping for a brother. I told him she might like superheroes. You never know). So it's time for me to starting thinking pink and finding all those boxes in the garage filled with Ashtyn's baby clothes. I can't believe I'm halfway through this pregnancy. Seriously. It's like I'll be delivering any minute (except for all those pounds I still have to go).

Other news, so today the beautiful and very cool Melissa Tagg is doing a giveaway of my new book Recipe for Love. Go enter here! AND I've got an article posted on my friend Ashleigh Slater's webzine Ungrind today. I'm talking about marriage and fish sticks, ya'll. You need to read this. Click here to find the article.

Speaking of Recipe for Love . . . it's available on Amazon now! Yay! I'm so excited. I loved writing this story. Go grab a copy and let me know what you think. I saw the first two reviews up on Amazon today and that thrilled me!

On another note, how's your November coming along, lovey? This can be such a hectic month. We're only like eight weeks out from Christmas, or something crazy like that. What in the world! This month always seems to zoom by. We're spending Thanksgiving with family, and I have a deadline to hit before all that fun starts so I'm thinking this November will be a blur. But I hate for the fall season to get past me without doing a few things I love. We had sweet friends over for dinner Sunday night, and then I had a couple of girlfriends stop in Monday morning for a November brunch. I really want to try to host at least one brunch per month to get together with the girls God has brought into my life. It's going to be a goal of mine. But next month, my one main goal is to host my annual ornament party (girlfriends, get ready!).

Since November can get crazy, it helps to set a few goals early on (and give yourself grace if you don't meet all of them). For myself, I want to think through my gift-giving this year and really plan ahead so I'm not scrambling mid-December. This is our last holiday season as a four-person family, I want it to be special for my kids. That means gingerbread houses, movie nights with popcorn, decorations, and so on. Time with friends can be hard with so much going on, but I want to keep in touch with our community during this season when we can. My parents will be in town next month so Jeff and I are thinking of spending a night away at a B&B. I need to plan that and make it happen. I need to get started on Honey Bear's baby scrapbook.

Things to do. Things to do.

Deadlines. Holidays. Baking. Cooking. Cleaning.

It's hard to keep up, right? So I'll set goals. I'll breathe easy when things don't happen and feel encouraged when things do.

Happy November, lovey. What's on your goal list?

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