Messy Cars and Embarrassing Moments

Loveys, I was thinking of my dad this week. And how, when I was just a young'un growing up in Conroe, Texas (no idea why my pioneer voice is coming out but let's roll), he used to get so frustrated with how utterly messy my mom and my sisters and I kept our minivan. My mother was a working mom, and we were on the go every second of every day. My dad would take the cars and clean them out all the time. (He also always took out the trash at our house and straightened the millions of shoes that we left by the front door. I think it's probably quite a chore to be the lone man in a house of all girls).

Anyway, I am now a grown-up woman with children of my own, and yet I'm apparently not any better at keeping our Acadia clean. Do you know that feeling, loveys? When you rush through the carpool lane at your daughter's school, already running late for work, and when the car attendant opens the door to let her out . . . half-eaten cheeseburgers fall to the ground? And your daughter stumbles through the McDonalds wrappers while she tries to get out of the car? Maybe that hasn't happened to you.


Yes. We may not have it altogether at the moment. And my car is dirty. So yesterday, I had a lunch date with two friends from work, and one of the women said she would ride with me.

Oh dear.

I'd meant to clean out the car post-McDonalds embarrassment, however, I haven't got around to it. And yesterday I'd stopped at the grocery store on the way to work for two chocolate-iced donuts and one regular (no judgment please). (*Side note: why doesn't Colorado have drive-throughs for donuts? Texas figured this out decades ago. What is the problem? Not all of us are drinking smoothies and going for a run when it's five degrees outside. Some of us need a chocolate-iced donut before staff meeting in order to maintain happiness.)

Anyway, I mentioned that my car was a little messy when we walked out to it together, thinking that I really needed to turn down the radio the minute we got in since I'd been blaring Dirt by Florida Georgia Line on my way into the office. I grabbed the donut bag (I'd only eaten the two chocolate-iced and left the regular one in the bag, which was sitting in the passenger seat) and threw it in the back, along with my work binder and papers that were on the seat as well. There wasn't anything I could do about the McDonalds bag on the floor. She kicked it over.


So I'm asking Jeff to take up his husbandly duties and go clean out my car today. (I'd actually do it myself, but it's like five degrees and snowing, remember? This is why women get married.)

Anyway, I was up late working last night and will be doing that again tonight, sadly. But we've got to go brave the elements eventually because Ash needs a bigger jacket. I had to hear her whine every morning this week that she felt weird when we put her jacket on. Weird, meaning the arms are tight and her long-sleeves are bunched up, and the sensation is one she cannot live with. So it's time for a bigger jacket.

I'll be so glad when my deadline has passed (that is, if I hit it, which is doubtful). I miss my friends. I miss watching TV with Jeff. I miss not feeling so anxious. It's been a long week. But holidays are coming! Thanksgiving! I'm looking forward to all that yummy food and being with family. And I'll be putting up my tree as soon as Thanksgiving is over, and starting to plan my ornament party for December. Good tidings of great joy are headed our way, lovey. December magic. Twinkle lights. Glowing fireplace. Romance. Presents. Jesus. Christmas carols. Gingerbread houses. (You could add weight gain to that list, but this pregnant girl is trying not to think about it, so please be sensitive.)

I love Thanksgiving. And I love Christmas. And I love Jesus. And Jeff. And cookies. Christmas and Thanksgiving come but once a year, loveys. Make these days count. They're precious.

(And try to keep your car cleaner than I do.)   

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  1. Is the picture in your blog post of La Madeline Country French Cafe? It looks familiar! :)


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