A Southern Thanksgiving

Loveys, I feel like it's been forever. How are you? Well, we're back from our Thanksgiving down south in Louisiana. Our first night in, we unloaded at my mother-in-law's place and she served us some gumbo. Seriously. You know you're in Louisiana. It was delicious. We had a wonderful holiday. Very Southern. Bonfires and marshmallows. Four-wheelers. Catfish King. Cotton fields. More camo than I've perhaps seen in my lifetime, despite growing up in Texas. The best BBQ I've had in forever--at a gas station/smokehouse in Texas. Oh gosh. It was a great trip and I loved it.

All until we had a flat tire. Yeah, that happened. About six o'clock in the evening on our drive back (which it looked like midnight already it was so dark), Jeff realized that our tire was losing air. We stopped at three places to air it up. No air. Are you kidding me? Finally we pull off into a teeny town at a gas station with five pounds of air left and our tire flat. No air at the tiny gas station. Sadness. And rather a sketch place. Which is awesome at night when you have a 50-inch TV stuffed in your SUV that you bought on Black Friday. And the kids are hungry and whining while Jeff reads the car manual and pulls out all the Christmas gifts to fix the flat tire.

Those are stressful moments, lovey. For any family. Like a good wife and mother, I distracted the kids by feeding them massive amounts of goldfish and Pringles while Jeff stressed out and changed the tire. Despite the frustration, isn't there something just so attractive about a man who's out there changing a tire for his family? Good grief. My Southern roots are showing. Too bad he wasn't wearing any camo while he was changing the tire.

By the time we could reach a tire place, they were all closed. Awesome. And the following day was Sunday. We stopped overnight and then just drove home on the spare. At which point, Jeff dropped us all off and went to buy a new tire. At which point, they wouldn't let him and said all four needed to be replaced. Very sad. Very expensive. We might as well have flown! Ugh. Anyway, you do what you must.

At least our Thanksgiving was filled with good food and family and warmth and love. I'm grateful for that. The kids had a blast, and Jeff and I did as well. We stood in line that night at the Walmart in the next town for Tablets and TVs, and this pregnant girl could really have used a chair. There was a fight in Jeff's line. Black Friday craziness, you know. All in all, a perfect holiday.

How was yours, lovey? Now we're full-on into December. I'm planning my Ornament Party and so excited about it. (More to come on that later.) Our tree is up. I registered the kids to see Santa at the library again. We're on to gingerbread houses and Christmas cookies and all that goodness. Christmas posts will be coming soon!

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