2015 . . . Here We Are

Happy New Year's, loveys! How was your Christmas? We had a very wonderful Brumble, Bruce, Hanson Christmas in Colorado. Lots of delicious food and fun times together. And a white Christmas on top of it all! It's been a white New Year's as well. We've had snow nearly all day and have stayed inside, taking down all the Christmas decorations. As much as I love Christmas, and I do, when it's over it's nice to get back to normal and to get back into the routine of things.

And we did have such a great Christmas; I'm truly thankful for time with family. We all enjoyed the Christmas Eve service at our church together. We saw the Hobbit one night, which I thought was great! I think of cold nights, with my family warm and snug inside by the fire, watching Death Comes to Pemberly and drinking eggnog and hot chocolate. Sitting out cookies and chocolate milk for Santa and singing carols. Sitting down to a fantastic meal of ham and dressing and lamb and vegetables and all sorts of delicious things. Watching Linc and Ash light up as they tore into presents. Drinking coffee and having a Downton Abbey marathon at Sara's house one night. Seeing my parents get to enjoy the kids and hearing the sounds of my family's voices all through my house--those are blessings and treasures that I'm grateful for, and to me, those are the things that make Christmas so very special.  

I can hardly believe we've crossed into 2015. The holiday season always seems to fly by in one big blur. Honestly, I didn't even make it to midnight last night. Honey Bear and I were out well before then. I have spurts of energy, which is great, then I crash and need a nap! But so far, Baby Bruce and I are doing fine. There's a lot to do and prepare for before her arrival in March. We haven't quite settled on a name yet. Honestly, we've had two names we thought we were sure of--then other pregnant friends announced their baby names and both were the names we had planned on! So we're back to the drawing board at the moment. I think we'll start working on the nursery sometime next month. I'm feeling a little behind with this pregnancy. I need to get going on the baby book and all that. Maybe I should make that one of my resolutions. I haven't even thought of resolutions this year. I suppose I feel that there will be plenty of change coming my way with the addition of a new baby, I don't think I need to add any more pressure for more change. So I'm just going to take the days as they come.

It's been a beautiful holiday season for our family. I am so thankful for friends and family to spend these life moments with. I'm thankful for the little kicks I feel from this baby girl as I fall asleep at night. I'm thankful for Jesus and Christmas. What are you thankful for as we dive into this new year, lovey? What are you hoping for, dreaming for, wishing for this year? While I'm not making resolutions, I do hope for those things that are important to me. I hope my children have a wonderful year and that they feel loved every day of their lives. I hope that Jeff and I continue to grow together and to love each other as we do now. I hope to spend time with friends. I hope to be someone who loves the people in her life well.

It's 2015, loveys. Who do you want to be? Who are you becoming as the years pass? What might this new year hold for you?

Chase dreams. Love well. Love selflessly. Breathe deep and enjoy life. Pray more.

2015 might just be your best year yet.

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