Loveys, yesterday was a bit rough for me, I'll be honest. I had a little time to myself this morning, which was desperately needed, and I'm sitting here with a cup of coffee, thinking about which verse I want to write on my chalkboard (and trying not to think about how I need to wash dishes and make lunch and sweep the kitchen floor and clean upstairs). It's after 11 already. How is it that whenever we get an hour or two to ourselves, it flies by as fast as a honeybee? I don't know. So our church, like many churches, challenged us to pray and come up with a word for the year. Something for us to hold on to. I went back and forth with the word that came to me and I think I'm finally ready to claim it.


It's not a word I usually think much about. Maybe it's coming from my children. Ashtyn can be fearful of things; I find myself telling her to be brave a lot. When I prayed for a word, I was a little startled when brave came to mind. But maybe God is telling me to be brave. Maybe I'm fearful, like Ashtyn sometimes. Maybe this year will hold change for me--actually, I know it will. I've got labor and delivery headed my way in 10 weeks. And I can honestly say that those things scare me. I know I can do it. I know God will be with me. I know having a baby is a blessing and it's what I want . . . but labor and delivery are scary to me. But time and again in my life, I've learned that God gives us His grace when we need it. I know when the time comes, He'll give me grace and I'll be able to do what I need to do.

He gives us grace to do things we wouldn't think we can do.

What does it look like to be a brave woman?

I know that very well, to be honest. I come from a family with many strong, brave women. I grew up surrounded by strong, brave, purposeful women.

I think fear can creep into our lives and take hold of our hearts. I think it can happen slowly, maybe we don't even recognize it. We're afraid of not being perfect. We're afraid of making mistakes. We're afraid of not being enough. We're afraid of not being all things to all people--but we can't make everyone happy. We can't be perfect. We don't need to look perfect.

What do we need then? Maybe we just need to be brave enough to be who we are. Brave enough to accept that God's love for us is enough. Brave enough to be real--not pulled or swayed by what others think or say about us. Brave enough to embrace change when we need to. Brave enough to chase change if that's what we really need. Brave enough to love unconditionally (rather than being self-focused). Brave enough to jump in and try.

You know something I've noticed? Ashtyn can be fearful--but when she's charged with taking care of Lincoln, suddenly she's brave. I've watched them when we've gone to a park or playland. When she's holding Lincoln's hand and he's depending on her, she finds her strength. She can be brave. It's in her. I've seen it. So I tell her to be brave. And God tells me the same thing.

So that's my word, loveys. What's yours?


  1. Love it momma. You've got this! I've done this word of the year for 3 years now, and I love it. This year my word is Thrive :)

  2. I love people a word too! Mine is grow! I love brave too though. Such a good one!


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