January Snow and Pregnancy

Loveys, it's snowing hard outside right now. I'm watching it come down in sheets. The kids are in school and I've been online working this morning, and now I'm having a cup of coffee and watching all this snow drift into my backyard. I'm thinking about how my laundry situation feels beyond my control. I'm thinking of Ashtyn telling me this morning that she wants lasagna for dinner. (I made lasagna for a friend of ours this weekend who's going through radiation/chemo. When I told Ash the lasagna wasn't for our family, she experienced deep disappointment and has wanted it ever since. :) I'm thinking I'll go ahead and make it for her tonight.)

I've got work issues on my mind. Jeff woke up not feeling great so he's on my mind. The dishes in front of me are on my mind (actually, I just moved the laptop so I don't see the dishes, we're all good.) I'm thinking about Night Crawler Lincoln, who will NOT stay in his bed as of the last month. It's killing me. Threats, punishment, what-have-you . . . nothing works! He keeps getting out of his bed. I welcome any advice on this subject. Maybe he's not tired enough. I told Jeff to stop at the store and buy Linc a CD player. Ash does really well with listening to music or a book on CD at night as she falls asleep. Maybe that will help Linc.

I'm feeling grateful that I actually got some sleep last night after several days of restless nights. The uncomfortable part of pregnancy is in full effect over here. I'm feeling heavy and tired and I have exactly 2 months to go! Jeff and I finally started talking about the nursery and my sister went with me to buy scrapbooking materials to get going on the baby book. I think there will be a baby shower in the near future, which should help with stocking up on diapers and all that. I am SO unprepared at this point. And that overwhelms me, to be honest. It's time to start the nesting phase and get things ready for this little girl who's coming whether Mommy is ready or not.

The snow has switched directions, but it's still coming down just as hard. My coffee is finished. I have a few more work issues to tackle this morning.

My to-do list feels very long, loveys.

Sometimes, when our to-do lists are rolling on the floor--we just have to stop. If I look at my list, there are usually only one or two things that need to be done immediately. The rest can wait. They can wait . . . if I can wait. If I can let them go. If I can just stop and breathe. So we prioritize one or two things that really need to get done, and we release the anxiety of marking off everything. One step at a time toward our goal. We cleaned our house from top to bottom last weekend. And today? Dishes need to be washed. Laundry needs to be sorted and folded. Beds need to be made. Toys need to be picked up. All that cleaning! And here we are again. And that's okay. It's just daily life. It will be here tomorrow as well.

For today, we choose what we need to do. Tomorrow, we do it again. If you're overwhelmed this morning, drink a cup of coffee or tea, think about your to-do list, choose two things you want to accomplish today, and get going on that. Let the rest go until tomorrow. Grace on you, lovey.

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