A Downton Abbey Themed Tea Party

Loveys, yesterday was beautiful for me.

It started off with a baby shower/tea party with my lovely friends, celebrating the upcoming arrival of Miss Lillian Paisley Bruce. (We've landed on a name for this girl! Hooray!) My sister Sara and my friend Nancy pulled off this shindig and it was fantastic. Sara was actually down with a bad cold so she came over and stayed late Friday, helping set everything up and delivering scones and cupcakes and Downton-themed everything. You guys know I'm a Downton Abbey fan. Doing a Downton tea party for my shower just made it extra special and unique. I loved it!

The food was amazing (Nancy is the queen of breakfast casseroles. If I had been alone, I would have eaten both pans by myself! Delicious), the tea was perfect, and the company just filled my heart with love.

Lillian received so many beautiful gifts. We finished the nursery before the party so all the girls could see it. I'll post pictures of the nursery soon. I am just so grateful. And I'm so excited for Lillian's arrival! We're six weeks out now. I'm hoping that goes quickly since I'm finally feeling more prepared (along with feeling like I look and feel 9 months pregnant!) and we're ready to meet this chick. The baby book is well underway, I just need to scrapbook my shower pages and then be ready to write the birth story once it happens. And I am still just feeling so blessed and happy from having such a wonderful time with friends yesterday morning. We did an early breakfast party and I will so be having another tea party later after Lily arrives, because it was just so fun. And we were quite authentic for our tea lovers out there. With sugar cubes and scones and clotted cream and lemon curd . . . everything was so yummy! My friend Jodi came ready with the baby-shower games. Sara had created these "Name Yourself with an Aristocratic Flair" sheets for everyone to choose a title and such. Really, so adorable. Nancy brought cake and breakfast and basically was the best hostess ever. I wish you could have been there, lovey. Let's plan another party soon. :)

Friends make all the difference at these moments in our lives, don't they? Someone to come alongside you and celebrate the good moments (along with the difficult moments). Someone to make you feel loved and cared for and like you're not alone, whatever you're going through. Without a doubt, Lily is being born into a family that adores her. She's blessed like that. :) But she's also being born into a community of people who welcome her and will be by my side as she grows. That means so much to me.

All my gratitude to my sister and my precious friends for making yesterday so memorable and special. My cup runs over, loveys.

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