Unveiling a Baby's Room and Making Space in Our Hearts

Loveys, it's different the third time around.

Of course it is. I remember when Jeff and I were getting ready for Ashtyn to arrive. We worked on the nursery--chair rail in the bedroom, painting (even tracing and painting huge pink circles--this from a girl who is not that crafty), bedding, and so on. Everything was carefully chosen and I would just sit in the room and stare at the nursery, overcome with anticipation for my first baby.

There is little time for sitting or reflection these days. But still . . . Lillian's arrival is a momentous occasion for the Bruce family. She is loved and wanted and we're so excited to meet her. And she needs a nursery that was made with her in mind. I might have two other kids to chase after, and a job that requires my attention, and laundry that threatens my sanity--but you know what? I'm going to do what I can. Because I want to. So we've finished Lily's nursery. It's a little simple, not too fancy--but it seems perfect to me. At night after the kids are in bed, I open the door to Lily's room and take a look, and I smile every time. Because it's sweet and simple and lovely, and it's for her. What do you think?

The color scheme really came to us from a painting made by my great grandmother. I knew I wanted to find a spot in the nursery for the painting, and the soft colors of the flowers inspired us to go with yellow and pink and gray and white. My great-grandmother Taye was an artist. She taught classes for years, she painted china/porcelain and gorgeous pictures like the one in Lily's nursery. She was also one of the most wonderful, capable, smart, beautiful women I've ever known. Having her picture hanging in my baby's room feels right and warms my heart and only adds to that sense of family that is so important to me.

There's a rocker with pink cushions in the corner right under the painting. And a small shelf next to the changing table, that's already stocked with diapers and wipes. All we need now is a little baby girl. :)

Ashtyn's baby nursery was PINK. And I loved every square inch of it. But going in a new direction for Lillian's room was so fun! I love the soft colors. Lily's baby book is all caught up and ready for me to write the birth story, once that happens. The baby book is covered in paisley print, which seems oh-so-cute when you think about it.
 As I said, it's different the third time around. Then again . . . it's the same in so many ways. Our hearts effortlessly make room for the new baby (who's been kicking me for months now). Whether there's time for lots of preparation or barely time to throw things together, it's the heart space that matters. The love that the baby is born from and born into. This house loves Lillian. We're ready for her. (Except if my water were to break right now--we might have to stop and buy a car seat on the way to the hospital!)

There are dreams in every woman's heart. There are dreams in my heart. Some that have come to fruition, some that are still growing. There are hopes and wishes in every woman. Things we want to see, things we want to accomplish, things we want to be (grace-giving, forgiving, patient, wise, a woman of integrity). Some things are out of our control, some things are within our reach. For me, my children are my best dreams come true. There are other dreams too, you know. But none quite as beautiful as Ashtyn, Lincoln, and Lillian.

We've been snowed in over here in Colorado. I've played princess and Barbie dolls today with Ashtyn, while Jeff played superheroes and wrestled with Lincoln. We've watched movies and the kids played camp-out in a tent made of sheets. There were bubble baths tonight and more play time, pizza and ice cream (we ran out of Dr Pepper and I'm still trying not to think about it or I may send Jeff to the store in blizzard conditions). Jeff shoveled snow (it has literally snowed all day long) and I got in a nap this afternoon. A home day with our family--what a blessing to be warm and safe indoors, with food to eat and toys to play with and people to love.


  1. Everything looks so cute! Macy totally has the sign in her room.

  2. Oh Brandy, I love it! It's beautiful and perfect. I can't wait to meet your sweet baby Lily! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Awe what a beautiful nursery!


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