Where to begin? Mousketales and Diamond Rings

Loveys, we just got back from our vacation last night. We were gone nearly two weeks, but I feel like it was a month! Good grief, so much happened. First off, we flew to Virginia for my sister Laura's graduation from college. My sister Sara and I both graduated from Liberty University and now Laura has as well. It's family tradition at this point!

And it just so happened that at the graduation commencement--in front of about 30 thousand people--Laura got engaged. Crazy! Oh my gosh, it was so exciting! My family and Sara and her husband and our grandmother and Tia were all up in the box watching the ceremony when all of a sudden, Jerry started talking about Laura. He told her to stand up and Wes stood up with her (her boyfriend) and he knelt down in front of the whole world and proposed! I am smiling again thinking about it! I've watched the video a million times and I cry every time. So special. And so great that our whole family was there to see it! My parents were sitting right there on the front row with them. It was perfect. Laura was completely surprised and overwhelmed and all that good stuff.

Graduation! Engagement! Celebration! Followed by family vacation to Disney World. It's almost too much to take, I know. :)

Some days blessings fall like rain. You have to take a breath and close your eyes and thank God for those days because they're special and they don't happen all the time. Your heart is full and you're surrounded by family and love and laughter and smiles and happy tears, and it's good. You guys know that I'm all about family. This is why. Because the love multiplies.

I'm very happy for Laura and Wes. Wedding planning starts  . . . mmm, immediately. :)

Well, after all that wonderfulness--we left Sunday morning for Florida for more magic. Jeff and the kids and I drove to Florida. My parents came soon after. Sara and Nemo flew to Orlando, and a couple of days later, Laura and Wes flew down too. The Brumble-Bruce-Hanson-Falwell clan take Florida, loveys!

So. Much. FUN.

Oh gosh again. All kinds of wonderfulness. My family had never been to Disney World or Universal Orlando and we basically fell in love with all of it. I was so thankful my parents came out. I don't think I could have managed those parks without the help of my mom. Thankfully, they were there and everything went better than I could have envisioned. Princesses! Parades! Fireworks! Shows! Rollercoasters! Mickey Mouse pancakes!

Loveys, you know that my love for Harry Potter races past obsession and lands somewhere near 'life-changing.' Going to the Wizarding World has been on my must-do list ever since it opened. Walking through it with Sara (whose appreciation matches my own) was really, really special. We had an amazing time. Butter beer? Yes please. The Harry Potter rides at Universal were my favorite! And the fireworks spectacular at Disney? So fantastic and beautiful. There's just something magical and thrilling about castles, don't you think?

You just want to clap your hands and squeal and put on a big poufy dress and have someone named Prince Charming kiss your hand. (For me, his name is Jeff Bruce and it was more like two very sweaty, exhausted people standing together while Princess Brandy says "Please get me a Dr. Pepper right now.")

Loveys, it was the best trip ever. Probably because it was shared with the people I love most in this world.

I've been sitting here this morning, back in chilly, rainy Colorado, looking at all the vacation pictures and sipping a cup of English Breakfast tea. I keep thinking that I feel so very blessed. Lily is sleeping next to me in her pink bouncer. Lincoln's watching Peppa Pig, and he's a little low on energy this morning. I am too, for that matter. Allergies and all that. Ash is at school. Jeff is at work. I'm so thankful for a quiet, sleepy morning to just reflect and be grateful for such a wonderful time with my family.


We hold on to it wherever we find it. Dreams and wishes and wands and fairy dust.


As Cinderella says, "So this is love. This is what makes life divine."

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