Summer Musings

Loveys, summer flies by to me. It's nearly July 4th already. Good grief. School starts in just over a month! I read a friend's post on Instagram the other day that said, "I feel like we are killing our summer bucket list that I didn't actually make but is entirely in my head!" (Ryanne, don't kill me for quoting you on that, love.)

I feel the same way though!

I didn't have an exact list, but there were for sure things I wanted to accomplish this summer. Not all are fun either. The kids and I have all been to the dentist. Shebang! Check-mark that off the list. I signed up Ash for swim lessons, which was something I absolutely needed to do this summer. On to fun stuff, I finally got to go have lunch with my editor peeps who I haven't seen since the Friday before I shockingly gave birth to Lily (a week early). Excellent. (As a side note on that lunch: I almost cried on the way home. Those have been my people for a decade and I miss them. And some of them have also moved on to freelance jobs and such, so for us all to be together . . . yep, I felt emotional afterward. I think of John holding Lily--and her drooling on his shirt--ok. Must stop now.) Anyway, on to my list. Mamaw came to visit (aka my mother-in-law), which was something we were hoping for this summer,  and we went with her to the zoo this week. The zoo is always squeezed into our summer somewhere, and it was a perfect day to go. Sunday we're going to the Renaissance Festival, which is a first for us and I'm excited about it. We've had a couple of playdates with friends we love. Jeff and I are going on a date tonight (so on my list). I really wanted to fit in some summer reading and that's happening. (I'll be doing a book club post later this month!) Sara and I are going to see Wicked downtown tomorrow night and that's something I've wanted to do forever. (If I'd made a summer bucket list, I'd want that on there!) We went to the mountains for Jeff's regional meetings and that's become a summer tradition for our family.

The days go so fast from June to August.

Here we are at Independence Day. I've got steaks and sweet corn in the refrigerator for grilling tomorrow. It's Lily's first 4th of July. As I'm sitting here typing, I can see Ashtyn through the window. She's swinging high and singing out loud. Lincoln crashed on the couch a while ago. Jeff took his mom flea-market shopping this morning.

We're knee-deep in summer and it's a beautiful thing.

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