Summer, Please Stay

Loveys, it's been a perfect morning. The kind where you sit out on the deck with your coffee, the baby next to you in the bouncer and two pajama-clad kids playing around in the grass, the wind blowing your hair (but not so much that you're annoyed and your eyes are watering, which frequently happens to me), and the feeling of summer all around you. I wish I had a million of these left. But I've only got about eleven.

Here's what I'm thinking: Summer is almost over, and I have not cleaned out the garage. I know that the minute school starts, we're not drenched in snow. In other words, there's still time. It's just one of those things I thought I'd be able to do this summer, and it hasn't happened. But it must because winter is coming (so I'm a Game of Thrones groupie, I had to throw that in there!). Do you have a few things like that on your to-do list? Closets to go through? Clothes to sort? Stuff to sell on Craigslist? Stuff to organize? I like organization. I like not having an overabundance of stuff. Neither of those sentences reflects my garage right now. But when you've got a baby attached to you for most of your day, cleaning and organizing doesn't happen all that much. I'm going to have to work with Jeff to find time to get the garage more functional.

I also need to go through Ash's clothes, to see what she's outgrown and what she needs for school. That needs to happen fairly quickly. (Within eleven days, I guess.)  We need school supplies. I've got two birthday parties to plan in August. It's always a crazy month and I think it will be forever since we'll always have two birthdays right around the time that school starts. (Word to the wise, try not to get pregnant during November!) Things are slowly getting done. The deck is finished. Yay! Ash is registered for school. So is Linc. Ash is signed up to start gymnastics again. All good things.

The truth is, when fall gets here, I know I'll love it because I love fall.

But right now, I love summer and I don't want it to end. It's been a beautiful thing. And mornings like this one are everything.

I haven't really missed work much yet, to be honest. How can you miss work when it's summer? :) But last week, Ashtyn asked me to wear one of the dresses in my closet. I kind of laughed and told her that I don't really wear those clothes just to be home in all day. I told her those were my work clothes. She proceeds to tell me that she wants me to go back to work. She likes seeing me in those clothes.

Heart squeezes.

I understand. I really do. I liked seeing my mom work when I was growing up. She seemed capable and smart and important. Kids see things differently sometimes. Of course, stay-at-home moms are just as capable and smart and important. But when Ash is used to seeing me dressed up and going somewhere every week, well, she seems to miss that. I miss that too. But the great thing about being an editor or a writer is getting to work from home. Writing stories in your pajamas at midnight. Taking a break from editing to hop into your own kitchen for a snack. Ash doesn't quite understand how awesome that is. :) But I do.

However, Ash's comment did get me thinking. I probably need to dress up a little more often so she sees that I still know how to apply makeup. But there is no place I'd rather be this morning than right where I am. A cup of coffee. A chair on the deck that Jeff made for me. Wind rushing through the grass. Two kids shrieking and laughing as they jump on the trampoline. Lily squinting in the sunlight. She keeps squirming as if to say, I could sit here in the bouncer, or you could hold me. This is a no brainer. Pick. Me. Up. 

Summer is coming to an end. Pencils and backpacks and lunchables are in our future. Chili and pumpkins and costumes. Laura and Wesley's wedding. Holidays. Turkey with friends. Presents. My ornament party. Christmas music.

Things I absolutely love and will enjoy.

But for today, I'll soak up the warm weather in Colorado. We'll have lunch at Nancy's tomorrow. We'll go swimming with Sarah and the kids on Friday. Saturday morning I'm hosting a brunch at my house with some neighbors. (More on that in another post.) I'll squeeze as much out of these last few summer days as possible.

Because every day is a gift.

And the plain fact is that even my garage is a gift. It needs to be in better shape. I need to take boxes of stuff to Goodwill. I need to make room. I'll feel better once that's done.

But right now, I have to make PBJ sandwiches. 

How's your day going, lovey? I hope it's beautiful. Breathe deep today.


  1. So beautifully written. My three year old (boy) loves to put on my high heels and tell me he's going to work! :) I love it and hate it. I had all last summer off on maternity leave and this year I've been aching to have more time at home with the kids. It just goes by too fast!

    1. How cute! Yes, it totally goes so fast. We have to cherish the moments.


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