It's My Party . . . I'll Have Cake if I Want to

I know what you're thinking, loveys. That girl must be birthday-ed out! So true. We just had Lincoln's 4th birthday (dinosaur-themed this year) last Saturday. After Ashtyn's birthday tea a couple of weeks ago, then the dinosaur bash on Saturday, now it's my turn. And it's not over yet. The Jeffster's birthday is the 24th. Seriously. What was I thinking? Having two kids in August? (Not great planning there.) The truth is that by the end of September, I'm okay with going several months without cake.

But not today. :)

Today is mine, and I'll have cake if I want to. (And possibly a margarita. Just sayin.)

This year, the cake is courtesy my friend Nancy. More on that later.

It was kind of a chaotic morning, to be honest. Everyone pounces on me with birthday wishes (which I love) then we come downstairs. Ashtyn tells me she made me something special and it's in this cute box, but she lets me know quickly that the box is not for keeping. It's just holding the thing she made. She is keeping the box. Okay. Then I open a cute card from Lincoln. He's thrilled. But after I open it, he says he needs it back now. Alrighty then. Ashtyn's got her fun-run at school today, so the energy level in our house is pretty high. So high that I'm starting to twitch. Lily is crying. Jeff wants to hug me and be sweet, but all I really want is coffee and a moment of quiet. Good grief.

This is what turning 36 looks like, lovey.

Then Jeff takes Ash to school. Lily lays down for her 20-minute catnap. Linc settles on the couch, watching Peppa. I can have my cup of coffee. My mother calls to wish me happy birthday.

And I can breathe.

My chaotic morning slows for a minute. And this birthday girl needs to muster the motivation to do laundry and clean the kitchen. Because life is messy and the mornings are a whirlwind. And I somehow became a 36-year-old wife and mother. (That last line means that whether I blow out candles--my wishes have come true.) I was looking for a verse to put on my chalkboard this morning. I was looking for something profound and deep. Then I found the quote that I connected to the most.

"I hope that wherever my hair ties go, they're happy. That's all that matters."

And I laughed and almost cried because it's the story of my life, loveys. (I'm not all that profound and deep.) And then I almost killed the fly that's been in my house for two days, making me nuts (but he got away).

And then I really did cry. Because I'm 36. And there are still so many things I don't know. But the things I do know, seem to be enough.

God loves me.

Jesus loves me.

Jeff loves me. And Ash and Linc and Lily.

And my family.

And a few really great friends.

Again, loveys, my wishes came true.

You know what I've learned after 36 years? That people matter. Love matters. And we all need to feel loved. Especially on our birthdays. I have a million errands to run today. We've got the fun run to go to. I need to clean this house. I'm making enchiladas tonight, and gosh, I hope they turn out well. Pish posh.

Love matters the most.

P.S. Then my neighbor brought this to me, and I devoured a tiramisu cupcake and it's not even noon yet. It's my party, ya'll.


  1. Miss you, Miss You. You've got this.

    1. Mickey, I miss you! I needed your help with the margaritas! You know I'm awful at math. I kept trying to remember fluid ounces to cups and so on!

  2. Happy Birthday Brandy! I'm having a virtual slice of cake with you.

  3. Ha ha!may sound chaotic but sounds like a day full of love!! Hope you had a great rest of the day!

    1. Thank you, Jess! It was a good day!


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