Tooth Fairy Times

Loveys, I was trying to decide whether to exercise or blog tonight. :) It was an inner battle, for sure. But in the end, blogging won out.

So let's talk.

Ash is seven and has been impatiently waiting for years now to lose a tooth. I know. My kids are kind of late bloomers. Anyway. Yesterday she lost her first tooth! After screaming like a banshee freaking out somewhat, she calmed down and was so excited to leave her tooth for the tooth fairy. Tonight was round two of this phenomenon. Seriously! She lost her second tooth! Craziness. Two teeth in two days. What in the world. The tooth fairy is becoming a regular at our house. And thankfully, there was less freaking out and more squealing with happiness tonight by Ashtyn.

So . . . this weekend, lovey. It was packed. I'm still catching up. Saturday morning I went to the ACE editors' conference. So nice to spend a few hours with other editors. However, there was this moment when I was sitting in a room with a group of smart people who were using words like qualitative and pontificate. And you know what went through my mind? The fact that I've watched primarily Peppa Pig for the last six months. Recognizing that, I decided to refrain from talking. It felt like the right decision.

Still, listening to the discussion about the industry, and hearing the concerns, and even just laughing with hilarity at some of the humor that every editor would know and understand--it was good for me. The morning started with a woman talking to all of us about "soul care"--basically, setting aside time to pray even when life is hectic. She was unpacking Psalm 23 in a very meditative sort of way (calm and quiet and reflective), and she asked us to consider the phrase "He makes me to lie down in green pastures." Then she asked us what came to mind when we heard that line. From the quiet serenity finally came a voice. "He was tripped."

Oh my word. I almost cried from laughing.

So there were those moments.

We're many things, loveys. Parents, partners, sons, daughters, friends, professionals, children of God. I think it's good to give space to who we are. I need time with Jeff to remember who I am as a wife. I need time with my girlfriends to just be myself. Time with my parents and my sisters always helps me remember who I am as a girl, a woman. I need hugs and conversations with my children because I love my role as mom. I need time talking about work stuff with editors and authors--it's healthy for me. And I need prayer, to connect with God because faith makes up the deepest parts of who I am. I also need time alone.

In a busy life, it's hard to carve out time for everything. That's okay. We fit in what we can. There's only so much space on your calendar really. I think, especially in the middle of parenting small children, balance is so important. We're all juggling so many things. Sometimes we have to trip--like that editor said--in order to pause, and be with God. In order to feel refreshed. To reestablish balance. To remember who we are.

At bedtime tonight, I was talking to Ashtyn. It was a somewhat deeper conversation about how she was feeling. At one point, she said she wasn't sure who she was. Through the light of her nightlight, I just smiled down at her, and I said, "Well, I know who you are." Then I listed out all the things I know to be true about who she is--what she likes, who she loves, the funny and sweet and unique things about her, what a wonderful sister and daughter she is. And I could see her relax and then start to smile. Because I know her, the real her.

I think that time with God can do that for us too. Remind us who we really are. Remind us that we're known and seen.

The Jeffster's birthday is this Thursday. Good grief. We've spent like the last sixteen birthdays together. I feel blessed and thankful to celebrate another one together. To love someone. To spend every birthday together.

Lucky, right?

I hope you're week is going great, lovey. You're known. You're seen. You're loved.

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