#FinallyFalwell . . . a Wedding Post

Loveys, this post has been a long time coming (well, six months). My sister got married on Sunday. I had planned on taking dozens of amazing pictures to capture every moment and detail. Obviously, what happened was chaos and running around like mad and barely capturing a few blurry, too-dark pictures! Oh, and my phone's battery dying every minute and when I did finally stop to ask someone to take a picture, they would say, "Oh, it says that your storage is full."


So I just decided to trust that the photographers took amazing pictures and wait for those. I have a couple of pics to share, but not much from the actual wedding day. Grr again.

I'll tell you all about it anyway.

My sister got married. (Cue sobbing.)

Virginia in the fall is gorgeous, loveys. I lived there for five years and I still miss it, so getting to enjoy the amazing colors and scenery of this season was such a treat. And we were smack-dab in the most gorgeous setting you could ask for.

Laura and Wes got married at the Trump Winery and Vineyard/Pavilion in Charlottesville, Virginia. Hello beautiful. I can't even describe the scenery. It was perfect. The estate and vineyards are incredible. We stayed there the night before the wedding and it just felt like we were in a movie!

This is just a teeny picture of an enormous estate. I was born to live there. Truly. This is the hallway. I could have stared at it for hours.

This is where we had breakfast the morning of the wedding. It was like being in a Jane Austen novel. When we walked in, Ash says, "Oh my! I feel like a princess!" She was positively breathless and I loved seeing how happy she was.

Sara and Laura and I watched the Downton Abbey wedding episode (Mary and Matthew) the night before the big day. Memories to hold on to forever. Having sisters is a grand thing, loveys. It was a time to focus on Laura. To be there for her and concentrate on her moment. The estate has this fabulous pool house with four gorgeous rooms to stay in. Our family, the Brumble/Bruce/Hanson clan, stayed together in all those rooms. It was such a special experience. The place was like nothing I've ever seen, but just being there with my family was wonderful. Our last night before our little Laura changed her name and became a grown-up wife.

At one point, the Bruce bedroom was jam-packed with bridesmaids--all of us eating pizza, my kids everywhere, excited beyond belief. Then the quietness of three sisters piled up on Sara's bed, talking and giggling and watching our favorite show.

Then came the day. Hours of getting ready, mixed in with some anxiety, add in super cold temperatures and a broken heater, a missing wedding band at the last minute, a teeny chapel packed to the limit with people--you know how it goes, lovey. It's a wedding. Laura was SO beautiful. She looked stunning. And Wes was just so handsome. What an adorable couple.

The sweet couple said their vows, took communion, and exchanged rings (which I dropped Laura's wedding band right before walking down the aisle. Good grief! Bridesmaid scrambling. Holy Moses. I make it down the aisle, turn to face the crowd, and in the front row, Blanca Brumble--aka my mother--is looking at me with wide eyes and motioning for me to smooth my hair. Fantastic. Now I'm trying to stealthily smooth whatever crazy hair is standing up. Now I'm breathing in the flowers and suddenly my nose is running like a faucet and I'm sniffling constantly, along with worrying that my hair is being weird, so I twitch every few seconds, trying to slightly toss my hair back in place. Sniffling, twitching bridesmaid, That's me.). Anyway, they sealed it all with a kiss, and emerged as the newest Mr. and Mrs. Falwell. Hooray!

On to the party.

I had to give a toast, lovey, and I was terrified. I had to give a toast at Sara's wedding. But she told me right before so I came up with something really fast and did not have time to stress. Laura told me way in advance and also told me that Wes's brother, Trey, had been working on his speech for weeks. What.

I was so nervous! I'd told myself to hold off on crying till close to the end. Then my voice cracked on the second word and it was all over. I was emotional all the way through. What can I say?  My little sister is now a married woman! So, anyway, stellar moments that I wish I could have frozen in time:

My dad hugging Wesley after giving the bride away. Talk about an emotional moment!

Wesley hugging Laura after kissing the bride. That hug melted my heart. They are so precious together!

The father/daughter dance. I'm going to try to get a video to share with you. It's perfect.

Trey's speech and hearing about Becki's animal harassment situation. Hilarious!

Laura and Wesley dancing so close. That girl loves that boy. It's true.

Photo booth pictures with Mark and Nancy. Those two are a gift to our lives. I love that family.

Ash and Linc dancing like crazy.

Seeing Laura and Wes ride off in their so-cute VW vintage bus, sparklers all around and people cheering.

Oh goodness.

My girl is all grown-up and on her honeymoon. I might cry again.

I wish them both every possible happiness. Have a beautiful life, Laura and Wes. Love each other well. Create a home that is a place of grace. Stay grateful. Live in community with others. Be that safe place for you both to land on difficult days. God loves you. I love you.



  1. OMG, those pictures are lovely! It sounds like it was an amazing wedding!

  2. What a wonderful location this is and I am glad that you got married at such divine location. Your wedding photographs reminds me of my wedding day when I tied the knot to love of my live at event space nyc. That was really a magical day.


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