Hello, Fall. Nice to see you.

Loveys, I think fall showed up today. Windy and breezy and just a tad chilly. Just in time for tea.

I've had friends over for tea the past two weekends. Sometimes I wish I had a table that seated fifteen or more, but since I do not, sometimes I split things up. I wanted to do a Harvest Moon/Celebrate Fall tea party. I'm a tea-party kind of girl, lovey. Something about a few girlfriends around a table, with scones and cookies, on a breezy fall day--well, it's my cup of tea. If you know what I mean. :)

It's been a long week. Lily is doing great, and I'm so relieved. That precious little one was all smiles today. She fell asleep early, which means she and I will be hanging out again in the middle of the night, but that's fine. I'm so glad she's doing well. But, no doubt, I've had an emotional week. In fact, after I dropped Michelle off at the airport on Tuesday, I'll admit that I basically sobbed. The after-affects of all that had happened, I think, with Lily. And the knowing that I'll miss Michelle and we just don't see each other as much as I wish we could. But friends--good friends--are friends forever. There's something about being with people who know you, really know you, and accept you and love you and care what happens to you. It's a profound thing. I was thinking, how lucky Jeff and I are. You guys know that just a few weeks ago, Jeff's two best friends from Texas flew out here to visit him. Seriously, these guys have families and responsibilities, but their friendship with Jeff is such that they take time (and money) to come here to see him. It makes me want to cry. And that's how I feel about Michelle coming out here.



She and I had tea with the supper club I'm part of and it was a great time. We had our tea on Harvest Moon (supermoon, this year). Did you see the moon that night, lovey? It was magic. And tea was delightful.

Community is a wonderful thing. I love being part of a supper club. Women that come together around the table, to eat or drink tea or wine, to talk and laugh and share pieces of our lives on a regular basis.

Ashtyn has this adorable thing she does. When she meets someone she likes, she invites them to be part of her friendship bead club. She made this thing up on her own (inspired, I think, by the million beads she has).

But I understand it. Because we want to be linked, don't you think? We want to be part of something that says, You're my friend, and I'm yours.

We had small group this week. I love being part of a small group. People who are saying, Let's do life together. Let's be linked. Honestly, Lily cried a lot. She's clingy right now. She didn't want to be with the sitter. And John and June kept telling me, It's okay. Because doing life together means it's not always ideal and that's okay.

I'm thankful.

I was blessed to have time this morning with a couple more girlfriends. A little time around the table. Sharing our stories. Ushering in the fall season. This afternoon, I watched Ash and Linc sit at the kitchen island and eat grilled cheese sandwiches and noodle soup. I rocked Lily to sleep tonight, still so relieved that she's doing well. I paused and prayed today for the people affected by the shooting at the college in Oregon.

Life can be so bittersweet, loveys. Light and dark.

The seasons change. It's good for us, I think. Today I was talking about how we've moved several times and how I like the feeling of new spaces. Sometimes we need change. We desperately need change. A better direction. A healthier living space. A happier outlook. A change in where we are, or just a change in who we are.

Sometimes we just need to talk with friends. Or to be held by our spouse. Or to have even one quiet moment to put thoughts together and pray.

Loveys, what do you want for this fall season? What do you want to feel or experience? How do you want to change for the better?

If I had a friendship bead club, I'd invite you to be in it. :)

Have a cup of tea and think it over. Leaves are changing colors and falling down. It might be time for change for us too. We're entering a season of thanksgiving. I want this fall season--busy though it may be--to be beautiful, with time for reflection and lots of love.

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  1. Dear Brandy,

    I love the Autumn season too! It's so beautiful! :) Love the leaves changing colors, warm sunshine and cool breezes.

    A friendship bead club sounds so sweet! What a wonderful idea!


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