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Loveys, Happy New Year.

2016. Can you believe it? It's the year my Ash turns 8. My Linc turns 5. My Lily turns 1. It's another year where I inch closer to 40. It's almost been one year since I left my job as a book editor to stay home with Miss Lily.

Time keeps passing, doesn't it?

I'll tell you the truth, lovey. I need to start my diet as of tomorrow. And right now, all I can think of is popcorn. What can I say? It was the holiday season. Not to mention my surgeries. I've had very limited mobility for months now. That means I haven't exercised in ages, and yet I've enjoyed everything from candy corn to second helpings of pumpkin pie. I had a baby last March, you remember, then I was on a mad dash to lose at least a chunk of the baby weight before my sister's graduation and our Florida vacation (six weeks post-delivery!). Well, at said graduation, lovely Laura got engaged, then I was on an even madder dash to lose the rest of the baby weight by the wedding (which was only a whopping six months away) in order to look alright while standing next to all those teeny college girls (and Sara, who is always gorgeous). Post-wedding, I fully intended to finally enjoy chocolate and peanut butter. So I have. But factor in marathons of Downton Abbey while having both feet up . . . like I said, lovey. I'm starting my diet tomorrow.

Seeing as how I'm still in this boot for another week, this time it won't be a mad dash. But it's a start anyway. (Just to prepare myself for the deprivation, I had two Reeses peanut butter cups tonight.)

What about you, lovey? How are you starting this year? Maybe a slow beginning. Maybe just easing into 2016. Maybe you're desperate for change. Maybe you're biding your time. Maybe you're hitting the gym and giving up carbs.

Maybe this is your year.

Maybe it's mine.

The truth is, I've felt rather discouraged here lately. Political turmoil everywhere. Raging emotions. Or maybe too much apathy or illusion. Problems all around the world that will never be solved. Children hurting and hungry. Families falling apart. Craziness everywhere.


I've spent the day with my family. I'm so in love with these babies of mine. I'm warm and cozy in my house tonight next to Jeff. The house is halfway clean. We had leftover pot roast for dinner, and I love pot roast.

But in the news and around every corner, there seems to be chaos and pain and suffering. And that hurts my heart. I don't mean to sound as though there's perfect peace in my life all the time. But in all honesty, my troubles pale in comparison to so many. I'm aware of that.

I think I have my word.

My word for the year. Do you have one?  

I've been fighting this word, because it's not my best thing. It's something God's been nudging me about for a while. I've been open with you guys that I struggle with doubt sometimes. I struggle with unbelief. I have faith, but it's always a work in progress. I work at it.

My word for this year is trust.

Trust. Trust that God is there. He hasn't abandoned us. That despite the extreme darkness in this world, there's a plan. Trust that love is our future. Trust that redemption is real. Trust that God is just. Trust that God cares about every one of us. Trust that He's sovereign.

Trust. It's so important and so hard sometimes.

It's what I'm working on.

I'm starting this year with goals in mind, but honestly, I'm not overloading myself with pressure. Because I've learned by this point that so many things are out of my hands. My priorities are always to love my family and love God. Beyond those two things, I certainly have long lists of things to change or accomplish . . . but at the core of who I am--I want to be a woman who loves her family and loves God.

It's January second. We've made it through the holiday season. Really, I went to bed at 10:30 p.m. on New Year's Eve. I'm tired! Staying up till midnight was nowhere near my radar. It was about 7 degrees here that night. But we did have black-eyed peas and cornbread! (#southerngirl) So we're past New Year's and tomorrow the real excitement begins: Downton Abbey! I am grinning like crazy! I can't wait. If there's one thing I'm looking forward to in 2016--it's seeing how the characters of Downton Abbey end up. (Not to mention Game of Thrones, Outlander, and Poldark.) I'm also itching to get into a good book. I'm thinking of doing a book club again so I'm on the hunt for a great story. And I got a new Kindle for Christmas, so I'm excited about downloading books!

When I think of 2016, I think of opportunities and experiences. I think of little baby feet, learning to walk. I think of Lily's gorgeous smile. I think of dance lessons and cartwheels for my beautiful blond Ashtyn. I think of Lincoln running around with so much energy. Pausing to kiss Lily's head and always trailing Ashtyn.

Dinner parties with friends. Cups of coffee. Movie nights with Jeff. Homework. Cooking dinner. Doing laundry. Brainstorming book ideas. Writing at night once the kids have gone to bed. Moments of exhaustion.

Life. It's a gift. Ordinary days. Extraordinary moments. All pieces of our lives. To be honest, I love both the ordinary days and the extra-special moments. Seeing Ash and Linc eat cereal and oatmeal at the kitchen island. (And Lily covered in whatever she's eating!) Those moments are my life and I love it.

Family. True friends. Good food (though probably less of it, sadness!). Faith. Trust.

The pieces of my life that matter most. Whatever this year brings, I'm starting out with what matters to me. What about you, lovey?


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  1. Hi Brandy!

    What a lovely post! I hear you on the exercise and healthy foods diet! I'm working on that too!

    My word for this year is FAITH! :)


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