Light Coming In

Loveys, the weather is getting sneaky over here and making us think it's summer. I've lived in Colorado long enough to know that just when I talk myself into buying perennials, however, snow will fall and bury everything.

So I'm holding off and just enjoying the sun for now. This morning I had coffee with a few girlfriends and we sat outside and watched our kids run around. (Well, with so many kids, there's usually at least one mom running around as well.) But there was something really delicious about gorgeous weather and being outside and drinking coffee while kids play with bubbles. When I took Linc to school in the afternoon, he actually got to wear shorts, and I sprayed him with sunscreen. I'm telling you, it feels like summer.

It's not, though. Not yet. But those girls and I kept talking about summer plans and trips and such, we couldn't help it. The weather is beautiful, and suddenly, I'm dreaming about the beach. Or a cold rushing river up in the mountains. Or picnics at the zoo. Or popsicles in the backyard. I'm ready for it.

It's Friday, and I'm ready for that, too. My house smells like vanilla cake and spaghetti sauce--in other words, a regular Friday night. And I'm excited for the kids to get home and play and be glad the weekend has arrived. I went through three baskets of folding yesterday (not fun), so I'm happy everyone at least has clean clothes for the weekend! Ha! I'm knee-deep in a freelance editing project that I'm LOVING, so I have a feeling our kiddos will be having fun outside with Jeff while I work. The best thing about great weather is that the kids get to run off all that energy outside.

One of the things I love about summer is the freedom that comes with it. I'm hoping to travel and see family this summer if we can, and we'll probably have company at some point, but there's something about waking up and taking our time with breakfast, or having friends come over to play, or a girls night with margaritas. I like a laid-back schedule. It's how I roll. I like the freedom to stay home all day or pack up and go out for ice cream. I like gathering together at the last minute.

Speaking of gathering, the photo at the top of this post is from supper club almost two weeks ago. It was at my house this time. I spent the night before making the cheesecake, and then cleaning house.

For me, there's something fun and exciting about getting ready for friends to come over. Setting the table (then re-setting it when you change your mind), planning the food, pulling down wine glasses, and lighting candles. You sit around the table and share stories, eventually one girl says, "This might be TMI..." and Krista responds, "There's no such thing!" Laughter and food and white wine and cheesecake--seriously, it's a recipe for a good night. For our group, the person who hosts supper club takes care of dinner and dessert and all things food-related. So you really do feel as though you're preparing a whole meal for a group of friends. I made beef bourguignon, one of my all-time favorites.

The nice thing about doing everything, is that you know next time, you're off the hook. To me, it's a pleasure to host my friends around my table. But it's just as lovely to get to experience dinner around their tables. And this makes it feel like a give-and-take relationship, which I believe is important and healthy for all friendships. At the end of the night, there were lots of empty bottles of wine. Some of us were nibbling on bread, we sat and talked for hours.

Beautiful, right?

It's pretending to be summer outside, and I'm thinking about Texas. I'm thinking about Virginia. I'm thinking about Colorado sunsets and watermelon. I'm ready for a piece of cake and for Jeff to come home.

It's life together.

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