Weeping Mothers and Missing Pencils

Loveys, it's that time of year again. Bouquets of sharpened pencils and all that. (Except we couldn't actually find any at the store. My kids have no pencils.) Winter is long and summer is short here in Colorado. But it's a gorgeous warm day at the moment, and my children were filled with excitement this morning at drop off. There's a big clap-in at our school on the first day and ALL the kids meet outside and it's a mass of chaos. Linc and Ash both got a little nervous at that point, but they did awesome. As Linc walked away in his line of other little kids with big backpacks, I went to Jeff and started weeping. Seriously. I covered my face and cried. And Jeff pats me on the back and says, "Bran, remember, you pick him back up in two hours and 45 minutes."

What? Seriously, what can they learn in two hours and 45 minutes?! That's nuts. So I barely have time to come home and have coffee before I go back and get him. Still...I'm okay with it. He's my baby boy and I'm not quite ready to part with him. :)

So school is now in session, loveys. And Pipsqueak and I (also known as Lily) are home. We walked in the door this morning and I said, All right, baby. You're all I've got left.

Last night we prepped for school and it reminded me so much of when Ash went to Kindergarten. We pulled out the same books and read them to Lincoln. We prayed together. The kids went to bed early. Jeff and I folded laundry for the rest of our lives (Really, when I tell Jeff he needs to help more with laundry, this is what he does: He washes a million loads. I try to explain that that is not helpful. It's the FOLDING and PUTTING AWAY that I want to avoid. When he washes everything, I am completely overwhelmed. This was me last night as we folded four basketfuls. On the bright side, at least everything is clean. You can find it all in my room.)

So, I've cried this morning. Another milestone. Another stepping stone. And loveys, it's such a blessing and privilege. To have babies to take to school. To have children to love.

To be a family. It's my favorite thing.

I'm shocked by how fast it goes. When I think of growing up at my house--I think of practically living at the school. I think of lazy Saturdays and delicious breakfast. I think of me and Sara and mom, decorating the house for Christmas. I think of watching Anne of Green Gables. I think of putting Laura to bed at night. I think of my dad coming home every day in his uniform. The days seemed long. Now, I think they probably went fast for my parents. The way that days are going fast over here.

Still. Blessings, lovey. Moments to hold on to.

It's time to get Linc. This has been a big day for my little guy. I can't wait to hear all about it.

(Also, I need to find some pencils.)

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