Party Like It's 1999

Loveys, this is a party post! Saturday night we celebrated the Jeffster's 40th birthday by having a 90s themed party at our house. So. Much. Fun. For real! When I started planning Jeff's birthday party, I scoured Pinterest for 90s party ideas and came across a couple that helped. So I want to post pictures (I'll pin them for Pinterest) to share the love.

First let me say that this party was important to me. Jeff hasn't had a birthday party in umpteen years (I'm from Texas, ya'll), but you only turn 40 once and I think it's a milestone that deserves celebrating in a memorable way. So when I decided to throw him a party, my hope was that it would be so fun, when we went to sleep that night, the last thing we'd say was that it had been a great night and an awesome party. That absolutely happened! It was such a special night for Jeff. And I want to say thank you to all our amazing friends (and family, Sara and Nemo!) for getting sitters and coming to party with us. Having our house filled with people who care about us made Jeff's birthday all I wanted it to be. It means everything to me when people show up for you, and for that reason, my heart is so grateful for every person who came and listened to 90s music and played video games and brought cards and celebrated with us. THANK YOU.

So, when I first told Jeff we were going to have a party, I sort of threw out there that we should get a deejay. He laughed like I wasn't serious! But don't you totally think music makes a party awesome? We haven't hooked up our surround sound through our house yet, but I knew I wanted 90s music playing so I needed to do something. Jeff and I were both in high school in the 90s and we started dating in 1998--that music is our scene and I wanted to bring that back. We're talking about a guy who knows every word to Ice, Ice Baby. So...then Jeff remembered that one of our friends has a lot of cool stereo equipment (for weddings or parties). Score! We rented a sound system from Jeff's buddy and it was perfect. I created a playlist (so fun, by the way, listening to Hootie and Third Eye Blind and TLC, etc.). Then I decided to make CDs as party favors! All of our guests went home with a 90s mixed CD.

On to decor! So the 90s were all about the boomboxes. Pinterest gave me an idea for a table centerpiece. It took some Goodwill shopping and a little spray paint, but totally worth it. Really, I love this so much and it cost me less than ten dollars.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it now but I can't throw it away! I'm thinking the kids will have 90s themed birthday parties next year! Ha!

I also knew I wanted a banner and I wanted it to be a nod to Friends (which Jeff and I loved). Do you remember how nearly every single Friends episode's title began with "The One Where..."? I wanted a banner that read, The One Where Jeff Turns 40. I ordered this amazing banner for a super reasonable price at VistaPrint. I LOVED how it turned out. Loveys, this banner was everything. Jeff was so excited when I rolled it out!

I also knew I wanted game stations. Because for me, the 90s were filled with all-night Mario 3 Nintendo sessions. Old school, baby. So we had two game stations where you could play either the original Nintendo (mine from childhood) or PacMan, Galaga, Frogger, and so on.

One of the things I love about parties are photo booths/photo props! So fun! So we had a Polaroid camera and lots of 90s photo props. I ordered these online. I love all the pictures so much. Jeff picked out the mullet though. (I told him it looked oddly natural on him! Ha!) (And yes, I'm wearing a T-shirt with Jeff's face on it. Jeff wants me to wear it all the time now. Good times.) 
So for the cake, I decided to use a photo of Jeff. I looked at other styles, and to me, it just fit our theme best. It turned out great and was just what I had hoped for. I wanted our decorations to be very personal (like looking through an old photo album of Jeff!). So I pulled out Jeff's old letter jacket from high school. His Star Wars case of toys, old movies and games we had, Jeff's basketball awards from the 90s. I framed pictures of Jeff from childhood. I wanted it to feel like a blast from the past!

We had a champagne toast instead of singing Happy Birthday and then we cut the cake. And I had really wanted Jeff and I at least to have one dance. So when KC and JoJo's All My Life came on, I pulled him outside and we had our moment (thanks, love). That was super special to me. Eighteen years together and we're still dancing. It's not always easy but we work for it. (Yes! Our sound system came with super cool lights that changed with the music. Loved it.)

Loveys, it was such a good night. I hope all our friends had as much fun as we did. House party, ya'll. 90s style.


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