Tootsie Rolls and That Sort of Thing

Loveys, we've got to talk about this tootsie roll.

I've been meaning to write down all the things that Miss Lily is doing these days, but it keeps slipping through with all the things to do. But I want to remember. The other night I looked through all my family photo albums on Facebook, just reminiscing, and thinking how it was only five minutes ago that Linc was two and the cutest little boy in the world. He's still the cutest (obviously ;) but gosh, he's a kindergartner now and growing fast. And don't get me started on Ashtyn. We took that 8-year-old to the Monster Mash at school the other night and my heart kept squeezing. She found her friend Georgia, and the girls, hand in hand, took off, dancing and grinning all over the gym. Ash was glowing, having so much fun.

Back to the tootsie roll. Lily's 19 months now. How. In. The. World. She FINALLY got some teeth. We've got three teeth, and two more have just barely poked through. She's becoming a more picky eater. (Shaking my head right now. Oh Lord.) And one of those three teeth is for sure a sweet tooth, because the girl is just like Ashtyn when it comes to sweets. She's got the most precious smile. I love going into her room in the mornings because she's such a happy baby. (Though when she wakes up, she lays in her crib and kicks the wall until someone comes to get her. THEN she's all smiles.) She says lots of words, but her best ones are: what, yes, no, mama, daddy, Ashtyn, ba-ba, paci, blankie, bess you, up, down, Santa, dinner, candy. She tries to copy whatever we say to her.

She still drinks from a bottle, I blame this mainly on the fact that it took SO long for her to get teeth, taking her off the bottle wasn't a concern to me. I figure we'll try to wean her off after the holidays. (Not rushing to fight that battle.) She can climb the stairs (don't worry, we're always with her), and she can scoot down (this still makes me nervous). She runs all over the place and likes to climb. She's proving to be like all my kids in the hair department. We're late bloomers, loveys. We just switched her to a front-facing car seat. She's a little thing. She goes to bed at 6:30 p.m. and usually wakes up around 6:30 in the morning.

She giggles and laughs and doesn't want to be left out of anything. Not to worry, we all adore her to pieces. The other day I said to Jeff, just in passing, something about how precious she is and can you even imagine if we didn't have her. He teared up immediately! And he said he couldn't even imagine not having her.

Me either.

She's the best present ever (along with Ash and Linc). We're basically obsessed with our babies over here, lovey. We went for a short drive up the mountains this morning, and stopped for ice cream and to take a walk by a river. Lily was squealing with happiness, and Ash and Linc were running around like it was a great adventure. The fall weather has stayed perfect, though I'm sure snow will be coming before too long.

It's just about Lily's second Halloween. Every single one is so exciting. I love the holiday season so much. And I might be biased, but I happen to think she's the cutest tootsie roll in the world.

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