November Blur

Loveys, this week has been a blur. Not even kidding. Starting with Halloween, then working all hours to hit a deadline, forgetting snacks for Ashtyn two days in a row, appointments, cereal all over the floor (still there), Ashtyn losing a tooth, babysitting...and now, finally, Friday. Really. I'm shocked it's even November, and I'm shocked at how fast and crazy this week has been. And I'm worried for my kidneys because of how much coffee I've been drinking.

And with all the craziness, tonight is date night. Because we really, really need it. Even though we're tired and it's been nuts, you know when you know it's been too long since you went out to dinner without kids. So I'll put some makeup on and change into something other than stretch pants, and we'll go be grownups on a dinner-and-a-movie date.

I can tell this month is going to go by fast. I feel like we're ten minutes from December. And life is busy and hectic, and I still must find time somewhere to squeeze in a couple of holiday movies and nights with friends and baking with the kids. Because those are the things that make this season special. Holding hands and drinking apple cider and watching Finding Father Christmas with Jeff. (Yay for Robin Gunn! Her book is being turned into a Hallmark movie!). Dinner with friends, conversation and sharing. The kids are already begging to make gingerbread cookies.

All that...and I'm tired. And because of my worry for my kidneys, I can't even have more coffee today. Sad.

My house needs attention but I'm blogging instead because Lily's asleep finally for a few minutes and I have to pick up Linc in twenty.

You know what I think, lovey?

My life is full.

I wouldn't change that for anything.

Jeff went to play basketball one night this week and while he was gone, I was almost giddy for the time alone. (This is not to be mean to him. He's my favorite.) The kids went to sleep. I got to take a LONG shower. Then I made a cup of hot tea and crawled in bed and watched whatever I wanted by myself for an hour (hint: Outlander).

I loved it. I didn't have to talk to anyone, do anything for anyone. It was quiet and I could breathe.

I need nights like that. But you know what? I'm okay with the fact that it's not all the time. Because the other nights, reading Harry Potter out loud, putting a tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy, crying over home work--even the rough nights when someone throws up and it's all hands on deck--those nights are family life. That's my heart.

This week Ash lost a tooth. She was super excited to tell her teacher. But I think it must have been a hectic day. When she got home from school, I was all smiles and asked her what her teacher said about her missing tooth. Ash said, "Um, I think she was happy. I think she smiled." I felt sad in that moment. (Not to disparage her teacher, who we LOVE. I have know idea how she juggles kids and class and a million things!) But I was sad because she'd been so excited to tell her. Then I remembered. It's us. Me and Jeff. We're the ones blessed to give her all the love we can pour over her. We're the ones who dance and squeal and praise her at night when she loses a tooth. We're the ones who get to see her gleefully wave a dollar around in the morning. We're the ones.

And, oh-my-gosh, thank you, Lord, for that blessing. Because she's amazing and I'm her biggest fan. And if I'm the one (and Jeff) who has to clean up when someone is sick or has an accident or spills cereal--well, my mama did it for me, lovey. That's how it goes.

And then sometimes you get a night to drink hot tea and watch Outlander and you're good to go for another few days. Then you get a date night. (I'm making a deal with Jeff now that there's no looking at phones during dinner. Unless the babysitter texts me.) And it helps you remember that you were a couple first.

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