Trick-or-Treat 2016

Loveys, I'm on my second cup of coffee. AND the temptation to eat candy has begun. My kids got SO much candy trick-or-treating last night. Now it's just over the corner....staring at me.

Not good. (p.s. I started this blog post hours ago. Now I've moved from temptation to guilt over digging out--and eating--all the Tootsie Rolls and Starbursts from Ash's bag.)

How was your Halloween, loveys? Ours was excellent. My sweet friend June's awesome mother (also named June!) invited a bunch of us over for chili and/or pumpkin soup (YUM) before trick-or-treating. So we invaded her house and ate with our friends and had a wonderful time. Then we went trick-or-treating, at which time Miss Lily tried to actually enter every house we went to. No wait! That small Tootsie Roll is mine! Lincoln the vampire came running and crying away from houses that had dogs. Ash was in heaven--getting free candy is her favorite thing. (Second only to eating free candy.)

Everyone was still going strong when I decided to take Lily home so we could also hand out candy (plus, it was getting a teeny bit cold). After the trick-or-treating wonderfulness, a vampire and Frankie Frankenstein, Wonder Woman, Pedro, two Pink Ladies, Rocky from Paw Patrol and a few other cuties showed up at our house. At this point, I turned into a barista and made cups of hot chocolate for around a dozen children. There was mulled wine and other drinks for grown ups. So our night ended with a house packed with friends we love. Which is my favorite.

Today we're feeling that sluggishness from late bedtimes and kids hyped up on candy. (I wish my Tootsie Rolls and Starbursts gave me the same effect. No such luck. This mama is super tired.) But those are sweet memories from a great Halloween, and it was really a fabulous night.

This morning in the car, I asked the kids what our next holiday is, and I was met with enthusiastic shouts of Thanksgiving (quickly adding on Christmas).

I'm exhausted today, but I'm just as excited. Loveys, the Hallmark channel already has non-stop Christmas movies. Remember back in the day when we were thrilled for ONE Christmas special per season? Where were these geniuses back then?! I want to watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music and start shopping online. Really. Why wait?

So Halloween is behind us and we're moving toward turkeys and pilgrims. And then Santa and gingerbread. Meanwhile, this might be a three-cups-of-coffee day. No judgment please. Lily refused to take a nap.

I will confess that I've already begun planning my Ornament Exchange party. Cozy Christmas nights will be in my future. Along with turkey and mashed potatoes. Sadly, no more Tootsie Rolls and Starbursts because they have all been devoured. I've already switched over to listening to Christmas music while working on my freelance edit. We're about to dive into finishing our basement. So I'll be watching holiday cartoons with Lily while we hear hammers and saws down below.

Once I'm in for the holiday season, lovey, I'm ALL in. Here we go and you know it goes fast. I'm planning to do a holiday giveaway here on the blog this month, so stay tuned for that.

How was your Halloween, loveys? I hope it was spooktacular. :)


  1. Halloween was lovely! Looks and sounds like you guys had a good one too.

    I'm all ready for everything Christmas, since I live in Canada Thanksgiving is already over for us so now I'm into my Christmas music and movies. I won't decorate until after Remembrance Day but I'm ready for it all! haha

    Happy Wednesday!


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