Christmas Brunch

Loveys,  Christmas parties are my favorite.

For real.

This morning a few friends and I got together for a Christmas brunch/ornament party. This is perfect because I LOVE breakfast food. And I love being with friends. Also, we had mimosas, and I love champagne. Truly, I enjoyed every minute, and I'm so very thankful for these lovely girls who spent a chunk of their Saturday morning at my house. This was a potluck party, which is double fun because you get to try all the delicious foods that your friends can make. Seriously, all of our plates looked like it was Thanksgiving. You know, piled high with a million different things. YUM.

Along with great food and champagne, there was ornament making, recipe sharing, mannequin challenge attempts, a birthday toast for Danielle, and tons of laughter and conversation. But my favorite moment of all happened around the table. There is something magical to me about conversation around the table. We went person by person, and everyone shared something about food--Christmas breakfast favorites, childhood breakfast favorites, holiday food traditions. And it's just so fun getting a glimpse into the life of the people around you.

That's the part I love. The coming together and sharing. To me, that's what makes a moment special. It's not a party without people, so every person who comes is a gift to me. Putting the party together is my gift to them. And I love to do it.

I sometimes wish I were a bit more organized, and you always worry and hope your guests have a good time. In the end, you just do the best you can and offer what you have. It's about food and friendship and being together.

I was flipping through old pictures of past Christmases, and saw party pictures with Marina and Tara and Tracy and Alyssa years ago, girls who were there at my house today. And that just warmed my heart. It's become tradition at this point, with more wonderful friends along the way.

December is always such a hectic month for people. The calendar can be overwhelming. For me too. But I've found that even when just a few can make it some years, the purpose and feeling is the same. It's to talk and laugh and celebrate together.

I'm thinking next year I just might mix it up and do a cookie-exchange. (However, I have never made a decent cookie in my life. I suppose I just want to eat everyone else's cookies!)

After the girls left, there were goodies still everywhere. I found myself munching on many, many donut holes. I just kept refilling my mimosa glass (until it occurred to me that I was basically drinking all day! Ha!). I cleaned up a little at a time, and I looked at pictures, and I felt . . . happy. Because party days are fun days. And being with people who want to be with you is a blessing.

Another year, another party over. We're fifteen days out till Christmas. That is crazy to me! I'm not ready. Soon it will be time for Santa and presents and the Christmas story. It happens every year, but some years we feel the magic and beauty of the season more than others. And the years go fast, don't they, lovey? 

I want this one to be a Christmas to remember.


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