When you want freedom from stuff...but also to go shopping.

Loveys, how are you? We're already a month into this year, can you believe it? I'll be honest, it's been a rough couple of weeks. Back problems for Jeff. Basement delays and expenses. Car trouble. A 22-month-old who has decided to start waking up at 5:30 every morning. (Lord help.) A five-year-old who is waking up in the night and climbing in our bed. So....two tired parents. This mama has been spending a lot of time with Miss Lily, without energy to do much more than that. (Plus, we're living in that work zone and my car is tricky at the moment.) So if anyone's looking for me, I'm hanging out in our loft, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Here's the thing with that. So something that's been on my mind this year (I think this MAY stem from the mess all around me) is living a more minimalist life. Simplify, you know.

However, all this time in my loft has left me alone with Instagram a lot.

Do you know that feeling, lovey? Where in one thought, you want to absolutely get rid of junk and feel light and free  . . . and in the next, you want to go to the store and buy all new stuff? It's so discouraging when you admit that while you think you want less....you might just want new and different.

I'm thinking it's very important to fight those feelings. Especially when there are added basement expenses and unexpected car expenses.

I do want to simplify. It's just that all the amazing kitchens and bedrooms and living spaces on Instagram are a temptation.

Resist temptation, I know, lovey.

Don't worry. I'll just be here in the loft, occasionally thinking about shiplap.

Sometimes we start our new year with all kinds of goals...then we realize that our treadmill is buried under Christmas decorations in the office, and our car is out in the driveway, and currently isn't moving more than 25 miles per hour. And Cadbury eggs are already at the check-out lanes, even though we haven't hit Valentine's Day.

So, one thing at a time. 

We do this thing for Ashtyn sometimes, when we pick her up from school. We wait for her in the carpool lane, and as soon as the door opens, Lincoln and Lily and I scream and cheer for Ashtyn. Every time, her face beams and she loves it. I love seeing her feel so loved.

We all need that sometimes. At the end of a long couple of weeks that have been stressful--we need a pick-me-up from our people. (Sometimes that need for a pick-me-up can get tangled up with the need for shiplap. No one is perfect. Feelings are complicated things.)

My best friend from Texas is coming to visit soon, and I'm so excited to see her. To drink coffee together. To laugh together and cook together and do all the things that we do. The truth is that Michelle and I have been hanging out together for going on 25 years now. Crazy. We just might have to break out the Tom Petty and wine coolers and have a throwback night. Maybe I'll even pick up some Little Caesar's crazy bread. :)

Rough couple of weeks or not--good times are ahead. January Shmanuary. I'll break out the treadmill in February this year.

Parenthood is not for the faint of heart. Neither is marriage for that matter.

But both fill my heart in so many ways. If you ever feel like you're alone when it comes to unexpected financial issues, or kids and behavior issues, or feeling frustrated with your partner--take a breath and know we're all there.

And it's okay. Cheer for each other anyway. Reach for each other anyway. Eat breakfast for dinner when you're tired.

(And maybe buy shiplap when you find it on sale at Home Depot. Just saying.) 


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