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Happy Valentine's Day, loveys! How's your heart today? I hope everyone is feeling loved by family and friends. I'll be honest and tell you that my heart-box of chocolates is already nearly empty. It's been a wonderful Valentine's Day already, with cards and candy and hugs all around. This picture I posted was from our ten year anniversary. I can hardly believe that was four years ago! We've just celebrated our fourteen year anniversary. Time flies, lovey. It's true. Enjoy every minute that you can. Love the people in your life. Eat chocolate.

On this Happy Hearts Day, I have some news to share! You guys know about my three Romano family foodie novels (published by Heartsong). I've wanted to combine those short novels into a compilation book for a while now, and it's finally happening! I'm so excited! Table for Two, Second Chance CafĂ©, and Recipe for Love will be in one book called The Romano Family Collection! These three stories are close to my heart--you guys know how much I love food and fiction! One of my favorite aspects of writing these novels was the food aspect! I think I like writing food scenes as much as I do writing romantic scenes! Ha! So in this new compilation book, there is a bonus short story (Yay!) and also a recipe included. For all those readers who wondered what happened to Mandy's best friend Ashley (Table for Two), you'll get a glimpse into Ashley's own story. I liked that Southern girl from the start, so I really enjoyed finding out more about her. Ashley's short story was a joy for me to write, and it was double fun to get to see the Romanos again.

I opened my email and found that I'd received the typeset interior this morning! Perfect Valentine's gift for me. So The Romano Family Collection will be available very soon, loveys. For my Valentine's gift to you, I want to give you a sneak peek at the cover! I'm in love with it. (Meghan, you are awesome.) In Table for Two, Leo tells Mandy about the unofficial Romano family cookbook, where his father keeps their secret recipes. This cover made me think of that yumminess. The cover is not quite final, still making tweaks, but pretty close. (It definitely makes me want to make reservations at an Italian restaurant!)

Whether this Valentine's Day will be spent sharing love for a significant other, family members, or close friends, or maybe it doesn't feel all that loving to you at the moment--here's the thing, loveys, we're all loved, and mean more to the people around us than we probably realize. You're special. You matter. God loves you.

You know what sounds wonderful to me? Maybe a massage. Maybe unlimited time browsing in a bookstore. Maybe a fantastic dinner (that I didn't have to cook). Romantic movie marathon. Moscato. All of those things sound delightful.'s a busy day, people picking up stuff I'm selling online, sorting through things in the garage, it might be a hamburger-helper-kind-of-meal tonight because the kids have martial arts class right after dinner. The day started early with science club this morning. And me realizing at the last minute that Ash was supposed to take either a fruit or veggie to science club (who knows why!). Sadly, I don't always have those available. So I handed my child a head of lettuce as she walked out the door.

And Jeff kissed me quickly and asked me if I'll still be his valentine, all these years in.

That's real-life romance for you, lovey.

I love it so much.

Whatever your day looks like, Valentine's Day is for all of us. Share the love.

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  1. Awe, how sweet! Thanks for sharing your true love story and the note about your new book featuring The Romano Family stories (the cover, btw, is gorgeous)! I read those stories and loved each one! :) I love stories about food too, better yet...I love eating good food! Lol Especially when I don't have to make it or buy it.

    Happy belated Valentine's Day to you and your family, Brandy! :)

    Take care and God bless your heart. *Jeremiah 29:11*


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