Surprise Visits!


Loveys, my mom came to visit recently. It was a surprise visit, even to her! She was about to head to Houston but the flight was full, so she rerouted to Denver, stayed two nights with me and Sara, then went on to Texas. I made a quiche for us the morning she was at the Bruce house, and we sat together and had coffee and second helpings.

When you live states away from your family, these types of moments are held even closer. Because you're not quite sure when you'll be together again. I didn't even tell the kids she was coming, just in case it fell through. I didn't want them to be heartbroken. So Lincoln was basically dumbfounded when Grammy walked through the door, and Ashtyn was completely stunned. Such a totally fun, unexpected gift! I was so thankful for the chance to just have coffee and quiche with my mom, something I only get to do a few times a year. I do wish we got to live life together in a more tangible way, though I believe my family manages to stay very close, despite the miles. My parents are great about coming to visit, making that effort and intentionally being part of our lives. It makes us feel loved.

You know my best friend just recently came out to visit. Last summer we went to Texas and stayed a few days out at their farm. Travel isn't easy and can be expensive. But we intentionally make the effort to see each other. It goes both ways, as it needs to. Because we all make time to do the things that are truly important to us, and for us, time together matters. I love her and she loves me. I felt the same way a couple of weeks ago, the night before Michelle left. We were sitting at the table, drinking pear wine together. Sitting together like we've done a million times over the course of our lives. Last summer we did the same thing on a porch in Texas.

So my mom and I recently sat together and had coffee. As we did in Virginia over Christmas. And in Harlingen last summer. And a million times over.

I think about how fast it goes, and how I have my kids here at home with me now, but before long, they'll grow up and maybe live away from us (Jeff says we're following them wherever they go and I'm on board with that). I know I'll fly to be with Ashtyn wherever she is, to sit and talk with her and go shopping for her house and have coffee and quiche. Because she (and Linc and Lily) matter so much to me. It would be hard to be separated. Whenever I hug my dad goodbye, we're always holding back tears, because miles will be between us and it will be awhile before we see each other again.

But, that's what love looks like. And I think we're lucky even to have so much of it.

The morning my mom was here, I crept downstairs to the basement to see if she was up. Then I heard giggling and I opened the bedroom door, and she's laying there, with Lincoln and Ashtyn snuggled up on either side of her.

That's a beautiful memory.

I'm a bit tired today, loveys. Lily came down with a cold yesterday evening and it was a rough night with coughing. I think I got about three hours of sleep (not good for this girl). She's got a runny nose--no fever at the moment thankfully. I'm hoping she gets better fast and doesn't pass it on to anyone else at the Bruce house. Cold weather is headed back our way, with snow coming tonight. I'm desperate for all these kiddos to go to bed early so I can too. Here we are at the last day in February.  Can you believe we're already hitting the third month of this year? Spring break will be here before you know it. And Miss Lily will be turning two on St. Patrick's Day.

It doesn't slow down. So as Sherlock Holmes would say, "Make it count." (At least, Robert Downey Jr.'s version, which is my favorite.)

Goodbye February, hello March!

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