Faith, Food, and Fiction! The Romano Family Collection

Loveys, it's here! The Romano Family Collection is finally live on I'm so excited. Special thanks to my sweet friend Meghan Gorecki for her work creating this yummy cover! The truth is that when you pour yourself into your writing, you grow really attached to your characters and their stories. That's why I'm so thrilled for these three novels to get new life with new packaging. I just love the Romano family, and I hope readers get to know them all over again (or for the first time!).

So this collection is made up of my three novels (previously published by Heartsong Presents) Table for Two, Second Chance Café, and Recipe for Love. It includes a bonus short story titled A Southern Belle Road Trip, and a recipe. I hope you'll hop over to Amazon and check it out. And it would mean so much to me if you'd consider leaving a review on Amazon, Goodreads, anywhere and everywhere! The collection is available on Kindle as well.

Thinking of food and fiction--Ashtyn and I had tea at my friend June's house the day before Easter. It was a perfect tea party--beautiful table, delicious food, wonderful friends. And as we sat there at the table together, I mentioned to June that her ham salad makes an appearance in my next book, The Last Summer. When you're a writer who loves food, these things happen. And for me, they make the story extra special. Because when I think about the tortillas with butter Mandy orders in Table for Two, I go back to that restaurant in Longview, Texas, the only Mexican restaurant I've been to where they serve tortillas with melted butter, like chips and salsa. And how those tortillas were so delicious, I've never forgotten them. And when I read Second Chance Café, I think about June's white bean chicken chili, and Tara's spicy chili and the bruschetta at Siena at the Courtyard that I cannot get enough of.

Recipe for Love has my wonderful friend Nancy's delicious breakfast casserole. And Alison's sugar cookies, that she learned to make from her mother-in-law--were inspired by my Aunt Stacey's mother-in-law, Diana, and the Christmas cookie party she throws every year when she makes the BEST sugar cookies I've ever tasted.

In Looks Like Love, Kasey's love for European white chocolate mirrors my own. When my dad used to come back from being overseas, he'd bring white chocolate for me. In The Last Summer (releasing in June), we've got June's ham salad, and other things close to my heart--like Whataburger down in Texas. And Shipley's Donuts. And my current work-in-progress has Daneal's chicken divan. (Jeff loves it, Daneal, I'll forever be thankful you shared that recipe with me!)

I can't seem to help myself, food finds its way to the pages in my stories. For me, they add that extra flavor that makes me want to sink into a story and get lost there. Some of life's best moments happen around the table, or when being captivated by a good book.

Lovey, I hope you'll get to know the Romano Family . . . and maybe share a recipe or two with me. I'll be doing a giveaway soon for a copy of the book, so stay tuned for that.

One of the things I love about this new cover, is that it reminds me of a cookbook. In Table for Two, Leo Romano talks about his family's cookbook, where all their special recipes are kept. Now you know, lovey, that the recipes and meals you read about in these stories, truly are special recipes to me.


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