Best Friends and Books

Loveys, I just got back from Texas. My BFF since forever had surgery so I took a quick trip to be with her. I had to post this picture because Michelle gave me this T-shirt in honor of The Last Summer! (Texas, y'all!)  I love it so much. Gillian and I were trying to take pictures of the book out on the farm, but the turkeys followed us everywhere so they're part of our pictures.

Michelle lives on a farm. I'm talking about a real farm. The kind where goats are milked in the morning and chickens are fed and we check on the cow (appropriately named Mr. Tasty) and turkeys roam around in what Shell's daughter and I called the Enchanted Forest (a small grove of trees that makes me want to pretend I'm in Sherwood Forest or something!). And sometimes the llamas get in the pond and look like Lochness monsters with those long necks. And dogs chase us while we ride on the 4-wheelers. And the sheep (which sort of look like goats because they're desert painted sheep) move together in a herd as they graze.

I'm so glad I was able to go. There was this moment when Michelle got out of the car and we were walking (carefully) back to the house, arm in arm, and I was thinking, Gosh, we've been together through so many seasons of life. From being just girls together on the property back where she grew up, laying on a blanket under a huge tree, next to a pond, writing stories and playing. Now we're older and we're wives and mothers. And still together. On her farm now, with her family, and her animals. I had time to talk and play with her daughter, Gillian, who's so special to me.

It's the story of a long friendship. A lot of years put in already. And more to go.

Worth it.

Because having people who've known you forever and loved you forever feels reassuring and comforting. We spent hours together, just curled up watching The Crown (so good!). Being friends. It wasn't so long ago that she was out here in Colorado, and we were cooking together and listening to our kids thunder up and down the stairs together while they were playing. And it was great to be together this time in Texas. Still being us.

So, as you can see below, The Last Summer is right at home in Texas. :) For all my friends who've already read it this summer, please take a few minutes and write a review on Amazon. It truly helps so much and your support means everything to me. I am so incredibly grateful for every reader. So hop over and please leave a review!! Long or short, they really do help.

Friendship and books. Two of my favorite things.

I miss Michelle already. And I miss Texas.

If you haven't checked out The Last Summer yet, I hope you'll click on the page at the top and put this on your summer reading list!

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