A Little Bit of Brandy

Hello, loveys. How's it going out there?

I've been scrolling through Instagram, looking at all the mom posts of what people are doing while currently home with their kids. So many good ideas on ways to keep the kids learning while they are out of school. Nature walks. Online tutorials. Chore lists. Schedules.


So . . . I literally just clicked off my phone and came upstairs with a Cadbury egg and crawled back into my bed.

I figure we all have different parenting styles. Mine is eating all the Easter candy early when we're living in high stress situations.

Seriously, the last few weeks--before COVID-19--my kids had been going nuts. Spring break over here is about fifteen minutes before school is out for summer (who knows why) and my kids have been desperate for a break. Maybe next week I'll feel differently, but this week--this week we are chilling like villains. This week we are staying in pajamas and playing video games and watching Netflix and taking a little break because we can. I need it like my kids need it.

These are strange times. We've never experienced something like this before so it's hard to know the right way to react. But here we are. I already miss normal life, and I really hope hunkering down helps slow this virus.

Still, there are good things too. As my Lily points out, there are signs of spring everywhere. Last night my kids were playing outside in our yard and it was starting to feel chilly, and I was thinking of how I'll be so happy when summer gets here. I'm ready for lots of warmth. And I'm hoping, by the time summer arrives, we'll be closer to getting back to normal life and the virus being contained.

While I'll be glad for all of this--the fear of catching the virus, the fallout of the economy, the worry about what comes next--to be behind us, I think slowing down can be good. I'm one of those people who likes a slower pace of life. And for someone like me (who's prone to anxiety), a little breathing space from homework and after-school activities and pick ups and drop offs is an opportunity to take a moment and breathe.

It's not the same for everyone of course. My husband works in finance, and right now is a really high-stress time for his line of work. I know for so many people, their situation is even more frightening--worrying about jobs, childcare, maybe loved ones who are sick, then there are the nurses and doctors and police and everyone else who don't have the option to work from home.

I keep thinking, this virus is new and different and scary. But it won't be like this forever. And as long as we have each other, we're okay. 

There's a Rich Mullins quote I love so much that says, And everything that could be shaken was shaken. And all that remains is all I ever really had.  

Those words have always reached all the way to my soul.

Things feel shaken right now. I feel shaken, to be honest.

It will get better.

Every family is different. We do what works for us over here. Loveys, I've never been an over-achiever. I know I'm not turning into an amazing homeschooling mom overnight. I also know I'm not suddenly becoming someone who is arts-and-crafty. My goal for my kids is happy and healthy and alive. Honestly, I'm anxious enough without adding any more pressure.

So we'll take every day as it comes.

I love being close to my people. This is very close--you're probably feeling the same. But still, the Jeffster and these kiddos are the loves of my life. We can do close when we need to.

And maybe we'll throw a big party when all of this is over.

In the meantime, it seems like a good time for hobbies. One of my goals for this year was to put more time and effort into my Instagram account. I really enjoy Insta--especially book feeds and travel feeds--and wanted to be more intentional with what I post. If you're on Instagram, come find me @alittlebitofbrandy. (https://www.instagram.com/alittlebitofbrandy/)

You guys know that last year I turned forty. Forty seems like a good age to worry less about what other people think, and spend more energy enjoying what we love. For myself, I really enjoy pictures. I love scrolling through Insta and seeing books people are reading or places they've gone or even seeing their fashion style. (My own fashion style is 99.5 percent pajama pants and sweatshirts.) Who knows why, but seeing pretty pictures of books and coffee and pastry shops in Paris makes me very happy. :)

There's something special about all of our different ways of self-expression and it's awesome how social media let's us explore our own and appreciate others. It's a great way to keep connecting with people, even when we're quarantined.

Even for someone who doesn't mind time alone (like me!), I start to feel lonely after this much time cooped up. I picked up lunch at a drive-through yesterday just because I needed to see more humans! My kids seem to experience so many different emotions all throughout the day--so do I. We're all going through this together. All feelings and emotions are valid. 

One thing is for sure, when this time has passed, I will be so incredibly grateful for things like getting together with friends and family, or running to Target, or going out for coffee.

For right now, I'm grateful for home, health, love, my people . . . and Cadbury eggs.

How are you doing, loveys? What's it like over at your house?

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